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Sexual Overtones brrrrlesque returns

By Karen Diepeveen on January 16, 2013

Sexual Overtones is known for their sexual satire, quirky humour and clever skits. Burlesque and vaudeville lovers in the city will have noticed their absence over the last year, so when posters began popping up around town for their latest show, Winternude, excitement started building. Set for Saturday night down at St. Brigid’s, Winternude is sure to thaw any winter chill you’re feeling.

We at Apartment613 sent some questions to two troupe members, Powder Puff and Aristotle O’Nasty, find out more about what they got up to on their hiatus and what we can expect now that they are back. We’ll also have them in studio tonight on Apartment613 Live – tune in to CHUO 89.1 FM at 9pm to find out how they’ll be heating up this city this weekend!

Apartment613: So, Sexual Overtones is back! Are we allowed to know what shenanigans you all got up to during your break? And more importantly, are you back for good?

Powder Puff: It is amazing how time flies, sadly I can’t say I was up to anything half as scandalous as being in the troupe. A full time job, a part time job, lots of knitting, biking and of course getting used to having a niece. Cream Puff popped out a baby puff last year.

Aristotle O’Nasty: Is baby making considered shenanigans? Most of us have just been living our mild-mannered lives, but our stage personas can only remain silent for so long.

Powder Puff: We are all volunteers and so it is hard to say if we will be back for good. Each show takes months of hard work to plan and organize. What is important is that we are back for NOW, so hopefully people will take advantage while they can.

Aristotle O’Nasty: Support for this show has been incredible, some of us were worried that Ottawa would have forgotten about us after the hiatus.

Tell us about the troupe – is it still the same group of talented folks, or have you expanded?

Powder Puff: Something old, something new…we have a lot of the same members..we are all 2 years older and wiser but for the most part still fit in our costumes.

Aristotle O’Nasty: Full disclosure, I did have to sew myself a new pair of tear-away dress pants.

Powder Puff: We are missing a few members because of school, travel, work, life in general but we are happy to be back in action with some great new guest stars. We put out a public call for new performers in the fall and got some fantastic additions to the show.

Aristotle O’Nasty: From a content perspective I think this is the most diverse show we’ve ever put on.

What have you got in store for your upcoming show? We love a few of your classic sketches – will any of them be making an appearance? And any hints on new content?

Powder Puff: We created all new material for this show, although you may recognize a few of the classic characters in new and exciting ways. I am not going to give away any hints on the new content, suffice it to say that it is going to knock your socks off…We all left the dress rehearsal Monday night giddy with anticipation for this weekend.

Aristotle O’Nasty: Yeah, it’s mostly new material, although there may be some short safety instructions to get things started – safety first! As for new content, at the dress rehearsal, I was impressed with how many different ways the troupe found to make winter “hot”.

What sort of things can we expect from Sexual Overtones in the future?

Powder Puff: Despite the all the changes and challenges, we have tried really hard to stick to our core values from day one. Our mission has never changed:
Sexual Overtones (SO) aims to provide quality entertainment that is body-, female- and sex-positive, playful and all inclusive. SO’s work is FROM and FOR Ottawa – SO provides support to local non-profit organizations. Being involved (as a performer or an audience member) in SO is a fun way of expanding acceptance and love of human sexuality in its splendid variety while creating a safe, fulfilling, and esteem-boosting environment for breakthrough performance art.

Aristotle O’Nasty: Right now we’re focused on this show. We’ll start thinking about the future on Sunday morning. In the mean time, we’re grateful for the support. There are some really deserving organizations that will benefit as a result.

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