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Restaurant Watch: Les 3 Brasseurs coming to Sparks Street?

By Apartment613 on August 31, 2011

"les 3 brasseurs" beer sparks street

Photo courtesy James Cridland on Flickr

Looks like the soon-to-be-opened Mill Street outlet isn’t the only major beer news bubbling in the nation’s capital. If this menu is to believed (and yes, I’m pretty sure we’ve never used a menu to support our reporting before) it looks like international microbrewery chain Les 3 Brasseurs has plans to open a location on the Sparks Street Mall.

You’re probably familiar with Les 3 Brasseurs if you’ve spent any time in Montreal, but they’re actually a French chain of brew pubs that first opened in Lille in the mid-1980s. And for a franchise restaurant, they’ve got some decent suds – they offer a blonde, an amber, a brown, a witbier, and a patriotic brew called La Belle Province.

It looks like they’re planning to open their first Ottawa location this winter at 240 Sparks St., which downtowners will know better as the sprawling C.D. Howe building. All we’re going on right now is the menu (which we found out about over Twitter from the newly-minted Back Lane Cafe) so if you’re in the know, leave us a comment. We’ve also sent an email to Les 3 Brasseurs’ HQ asking for more details; we’ll report back if we hear anything.

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  • Although I don’t know how much this will help to corroborate the story, I saw the same info on a menu at Les Trois Brasseurs in the Latin Quarter while in Montreal earlier this summer. Hoping it’s true–their beers, beer cocktails and flammekueche are very good.

  • trevor

    Thanks, krista! If you saw that during a summer visit, then it’s a sign the plans are likely still on track. We didn’t have any time frame for the online menu.

  • I also saw the same info in July while in Montreal at Les 3 Brasseurs Crescent.

    It will be interesting to see if the Ottawa location keeps up with the Montreal one, specially considering how deserted Spark street is after a 5PM compared to Ste-Catherine. We used to go on Thursdays till closing and it was typically packed all year.

  • trevor

    Indeed, Marie. As someone else pointed out on Twitter, if Les 3 Brasseurs stays open even until 11, it might find itself in pretty exclusive company over on Sparks.

  • JB

    Walking by the location today, it looks like it may front Bank Street as well. The retail on the ground floor is being redeveloped, and it looks like a lot more glass is coming.

  • Stephan

    Could finally be a destination on Sparks that brings life to the street after hours.

  • Having been the General Manager of D’Arcy McGee’s on Sparks Street for the better part of 14 years I can assure you all that this part of Sparks Street is plenty busy at night and all year round. I welcome more cool unique businesses like 3Brasseurs as they will only enhance what Sparks Street has to offer – and hopefully attract even more pubs, restaurants and bars etc here – and maybe the area could become a viable alternative to the Market and Elgin Street! Slainte!

  • Hi Jeff – agreed with you that your tip of Sparks is busy but it’s entirely (unless there’s a festival) thanks to D’Arcy McGee’s! Congrats to you guys and happy you too are looking forward to more diversity on the street.