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Rally to support Hintonburg KFC gains momentum

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Fried chicken fans in Hintonburg have some reason to celebrate today – and not only due to their surprising Hood Wars win against Centretown yesterday. Energetic Hintonburgers took to the streets last night in support of the local KFC location, swelling to a crowd of dozens of chanting citizens by 9pm. A Hintonburg historic site, and one of the final remaining Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in the Ottawa region, the KFC is a source of pride for the neighbourhood… but has also attracted its fair share of criticism.

“This is typical of a neighbourhood characterized by an extreme sense of entitlement,” said Janice Smith, president of the Ottawa coalition of concerned vegans. “First they want to turn every inch of the neighbourhood into a yoga studio; next it’s a chicken slaughter!”

The latest polling, commissioned by the Chicken Farmers of Ottawa, indicates a groundswell of fried chicken support in the area – with nearly 75% of Hintonburgers saying they had ordered at least an 8 piece family feast (or greater) in the previous 7 days.

“After a long week of kitchen renos in my Mechanicsville bungalow, ALL I want to do is to order up a toasted twister and relax at the Elmdale,” said local resident, and protest organizer, Jim McLean.

“I consider both knitting my own baby clothes and a Big Crunch Sandwich Combo part of my yoga practice,” added his wife Emily.

KFC Canada has refused to comment on the issue, but did send links to the group’s twitter account at


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> front yard parking is a rare reminder of typical urban design of the 60′s and 70′s Hope this is another april fool. Been to Merivale Road? Or anywhere?

- foo

Keep the bucket. The rest can go...maybe a bridgehead could come in?

- Theroltz

Best April Fools' EVAR.

- Yaz

That's why there were so many people in the KFC parking lot last night with their double downs!

- Francois

ha ha

- speaka should have gotten the local community association (or me) to add something about the heritage character of the building and how the 'front yard' parking is a rare reminder of typical urban design of the 60's and 70's and should be protected under heritage legislation...

- pc

Dudes, it's totally an April Fools' joke. Have to point out, however, that the KFC in Hintonburg is one of the absolute last "Scott's Chicken Villa's," which used to predominate the landscape in Ottawa. Every other KFC has the corporate branding, versus the old local franchise look. Wonder if anyone else has noticed's kind of a neat local fact if you're into that sort of thing...

- rm

really? this for real? shut the fuker down...not like it's actually good for anyone..BUT DO NOT open any yoga more pub would be good...give Elm a little competition.

- luke

Nice... you were so close...!

- Dawna

HA! Well done!

- Deanna Toxopeus

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