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HIGHS to bring danceable alt-pop to Targ

Gracing the stage at House of Targ on February 25th is HIGHS, a Toronto-native alternative pop band whose debut album Dazzle Camouflage is set for release on April 8th via Indica Records. In this interview, lead singer Doug Haynes talks cross-country touring, World War I, dancing naked and his favourite things about Ottawa. Apt613: It […]

Jim Bryson on new music, new collaborators, and the midlife struggle

Alison Larabie Chase is a freelance writer and editor who blogs about food at This Dessert Life when she’s not ruminating about grammar and spelling at Stittsville native Jim Bryson is a fixture of the Ottawa area music scene, playing annual sold-out Christmas shows at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield and frequently appearing on […]

Locavores unite! Savour Ottawa’s Winter Tables celebrate local, seasonal fare

It’s February, let’s face the facts: Winter makes everything hard. It’s tough forcing yourself out the door in the morning when subzero temperatures await you. It’s next to impossible to nail the right amount of layers to stave off frostbite yet save you from becoming a human steam room upon re-entry indoors. And I’m coming […]

undercurrents: Particle a work in progress

undercurrents has built a reputation as a forum for “theatre below the mainstream”, a place where artists and audiences are encouraged to take chances with original contemporary theatre. Since 2011, it has brought 12 world premieres to stage. Kristina Watt and Martha Ross’s Particle is one such premiere. Particle has a pedigree. Ottawa audiences know […]

Romantic Poetry features so much talent on stage

Romantic Poetry is billed as “a crackpot musical romance”. True to the musical genre, the plot is an excuse to tie together many songs with clever lyrics between interstices of comic dialogue via an unlikely plot. An overabundance of improbabilities may strain suspension of disbelief, but if the singing, choreography and acting are really good, […]

Video of the Week: Diaspora Poem by Nasra Adem and Brandon Wint

We don’t usually get all lovey dovey for Valentine’s Day around here. But this poem came to our attention recently and it seemed appropriate to share it with you today. Though the authors have moved on to Edmonton, these two were raised in Ottawa and were active members of our creative community. Brandon Wint describes […]

Apt613 Live for Feb 9, 2016

We speak with Jamal Jackson Rogers from Origin Studio, a soon to be launched venue space for creative expression. Follow them on Facebook for updates. Tune in to Apt613 Live on Tuesdays from 6pm on CHUO 89.1FM.

Betroffenheit is a human journey worth taking

Post by Taylor Boileau. “Betroffenheit, A German word for the shock that follows a violent incident.” If you hold a bias towards shows that portray the human struggle you should not miss the Vancouver based Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre’s Betroffenheit. This short and impactful piece portrays the sweet agony of rehashing trauma. Although […]