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Photos taken at Rockfest, courtesy of Tobi Cohen.

Manic Montebello music festival still a rockin’ good time after 10 years

A decade on, Amnesia Rockfest remains a manic mix of music, moshing, misfits and mayhem. Although this year’s line-up wasn’t my particular favourite, it’s the festival’s unique, anything-goes vibe that’s kept me coming back for the last five years. It’s also what has most certainly catapulted the once-tiny, rural Quebec festival onto the must-see international circuit. Let’s just […]

Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

Fellowship of the Blog: Now taking applications!

In 2014 Apt613 ran it’s first-ever indiegogo fundraiser to support a new initiative: The Apt613 Fellowship program. This program allows us to support projects that go beyond blog posts and radio segments. The goal is to take our coverage of the best of Ottawa’s grassroots arts and culture to the next level. The program launched earlier this year […]

Debut novel offers up a unique National Park mystery

Perfect Books (258A Elgin Street) is hosting a special sale until July 15 to promote Dyed in the Green, an action-packed mystery set in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  During the sale you can purchase the book for 20% off.  The regular price is $19.99 but with the discount it will be $15.99. Dyed in the […]

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Jazzfest: Freshlyground’s music brings the world together

You’ve probably heard of Freshlyground from their incredibly catchy collaboration with Shakira “Waka Waka (This is for Africa)” during the FIFA World Cup in 2010. But they’re no one hit wonder. For over a decade Freshlyground has been an essential part of the South African music scene, with their album Nomuvula going multiple-platinum, and the […]

Photo of Doug Martin Quartet courtesy of Ottawa Jazz Festival

Jazzfest: Eating lunch with melody, harmony and swing

Sometimes in life special surprises are free.  In the case of the Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Jazz at Noon and Rendez-Vous Rideau Jazz series both offer free shows every day until June 30.  These lunchtime soirées are not only a great way to have a break from work, they will also allow audiences to see some of the best musical […]

Jazzfest: The dreamily eerie sound of Timber Timbre

[youtube][/youtube] Canadian music group Timber Timbre must have a really good sense of humour.  After the band was first formed in the mid-2000s, they developed a reputation as a spooky ensemble that produced dark and creepy music.  But instead of taking this potential putdown to heart, the group had some fun and named their fourth record Creep […]

Sparks Street 1930s.  Photo used in Transforming Ottawa.

Write On Ottawa: The man who changed our city forever

Jacques Gréber is arguably the most important person in Ottawa’s history.  If you want to know why Canada’s capital looks the way it does, then you can thank (or blame) this famous French architect who played a pivot role in our city’s development. Following a request by Prime Minister MacKenzie King, the Gréber Plan was released in 1950. […]

Photo by Itai Erdal, from the Magnetic North website

Laughter first, yoga second: Through the Gaze of a Navel

Well, it finally happened folks. There I was, bent over in my Downward Dog when Emelia Symington Fedy – the yoga instructor, professional advice giver, self-proclaimed pop psychology expert and witty performer – told the class to “twerk it like you can work it”. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be encouraged to […]