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Foodie Friday: Day-to-night with Origin Trade coffee shop & lounge

While Ottawa might not be lacking in the coffee shop department, with a local roastery on every block and a franchise on every corner, you’d think that all our caffeinated dreams have come true. But once you wake up from that inevitable afternoon crash and the clock strikes 7:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. if you’re lucky) […]

Seven fun facts about #NACPresents

The NAC is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its “NAC Presents” concert series this Saturday with a shindig in the NAC lobby.  The party will feature music by The Lionyls, Mehdi Cayenne, U.S. Girls, and headliners A Tribe Called Red.  For the past five years, the concert series has brought many of Canada’s best up-and-coming artists and […]

Write On Ottawa: A world of vampires, aliens and magic

When, I ask you, was the last time you read a book that started with an alien abduction? No pointless preamble, no meaningless interactions between characters we’ll never care about, no killing time for the sake of pacing. Just the simple horror that comes to a young boy as he awakes to find himself surrounded […]

Q&A with A Tribe Called Red’s Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau

The NAC Presents concert series is hosting its 5th anniversary party this Saturday, January 9 in the NAC foyer. Live music at the party will feature U.S. Girls, Mehdi Cayenne and The Lionyls, and will be headlined by hometown “powwow-step” superstars A Tribe Called Red. Apt613 spoke with Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau this week to […]

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend! Welcome to 2016!

We’re just past the edge of 2016 and already, Ottawa is full of better-looking people with better ideas and more talent. And they’re actually really, really nice. Just look at this weekend – there’s a new wave of parties, comedy shows, and art exhibits that you can take full advantage of. Don’t miss your chance […]

wotts’ new album anything but a b-side

The band known as wotts is unique in the Ottawa hip hop scene. Their mix of beatboxing, understated guitar and synth work allows their recordings to stand out in a city that is slowly developing a more ubiquitous sound. They released their first EP, a, in December 2014, shortly after forming as a side project […]

Welcome the new year with the magic of Oz

In the spirit of this holiday season let me begin with some well deserved applause. I want to tell Broadway Across Canada that their latest musical is awesome, and that any past bad blood between us is water under the bridge. You see, this past spring I attended the fiasco that was Dirty Dancing. This performance […]

2 de 2 : Survol des meilleurs albums canadiens 2015 selon Basement 819

Chaque année une pléiade d’albums fait son apparition sur les tablettes des disquaires qui survivent encore, ou plus communément dans votre magasin de musique en ligne. Parmi ce lot, certaines œuvres sonores réussissent à se démarquer. Bien que nous soyons conscients qu’il existe plusieurs listes de ce genre qui tapisse vos murs virtuels, nous souhaitions […]

Hidden gem offers Ukrainian delights

You always remember your first perogie. For me, it was during my high school days. A plateful of lovely stuffed dumplings was placed before me by my Polish friend’s mother. “You will never find a better perogie.” she said proudly as she watched me chomp away in delight. I’ve had many fine perogies through the […]