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Still from The Hour of the Lynx.

Bright Nights Film Festival Premiere: The Hour of the Lynx

Danish film by acclaimed director, musician and song-writer Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, The Hour of the Lynx bears his signature. This dark and complex drama centers on teenager Drengen (Frederik Christian Johansen), who for no apparent reason savagely kills two seniors and stages their corpses in a perverse, yet aesthetically tender way. Institutionalized in a high-security facility, […]

La Maison de la Commune / House of Common

Basement 819 du 11 février 2015 :: Festival undercurrents – Much Ado About Feckin’ Pirates. Théâtre – Le projet bocal au CNA. La Maison de la Commune sort de l’ombre!

Basement 819 s’en est donné à coeur joie cette semaine. En plus de nos suggestions publiées dans le Weekend Roundup, nous vous présentons trois entrevues pour bien démontrer le caractère grouillant de la scène culturelle de la région. Un départ en force avec une première capsule pour souligner le festival undercurrents qui s’activera du 12 […]

Photo from the Sip n' Slurp! Ottawa Noodlefest 2015 Facebook page.

Foodie Friday: Sip n’ Slurp at the Second Annual Ottawa NoodleFest

Sadly, the frigid, tundra-like winters Ottawans know and love tolerate is upon our lovely city once again. If you’re like me, your hibernation mode is in full-force and departing the cozy warmness of your home is downright painstaking. Fortunately, Sip n’ Slurp is back for its second annual Noodle Showdown and not a moment too […]

Jerk It - Crédits : Pat Bolduc

undercurrents | Trois performances à vous tatouer sur l’agenda!

Le Théâtre de la Cour des Arts accueillera la 5e édition du festival undercurrents – une série de performances contemporaines faisant figure de proue à la création indépendante et aux artistes actifs à travers le pays. Cette année, du 12 au 21 février, le festival accueillera des artistes professionnels de cinq villes et présentera 30 […]

Love. Photo by Trevor Pritchard from the Apt613 Flickr pool.

Weekend Roundup: Le weekend de la Saint-Valentin + Winter Brewfest giveaway

Welcome to the  weekend of love (and dance parties). We’ve got at least one, if not many, happening tonight through Sunday! DJ Jas Nasty and Friends, will be taking you back to the Seedy Seventies tonight, at Oz Kafe. They will be playing all the best rock, punk, and funk from the decade. If jazz […]

Photo by Ari Moore on Flickr.

Celebrate Ottawa’s feminist heroes this Valentine’s Day

Kissing is cool or whatever, and there’s probably some Valentine’s Day stuff going on in Ottawa for people who are into that kind of thing.  But those whose deepest, truest, most abiding love is of gender equality will also have an opportunity to celebrate their love this Valentine’s Day.  Planned Parenthood Ottawa has organized a […]

Doctor Science. Photo by JD Hancock on Flickr.

Apt613 Live for February 10, 2015

Hey kids! In case you haven’t checked your calendars this weekend will be ushered in by one of my favourite special days: Friday 13th!  I don’t normally sidestep ladders, avoid cracks in the sidewalk or throw salt over my shoulder to scare away the devil.  But there’s something delightful about indulging in these little rituals […]

Scott Helman. Photo by Chris Payne.

Ottawa, meet Scott Helman

Scott Helman is on the cusp, armed with a left-of-centre poppy sonic identity and just enough songs to leave his hometown, brimming with an expansive energy of what’s yet to come. The Toronto native caught the attention of labels exces at Warner Music Canada while still a teenager and since releasing his debut EP, Augusta […]

Photo of Elizabeth Shepherd courtesy of Pinwheel Music

The gorgeous jazz sounds of Elizabeth Shepherd

Montreal-based musician Elizabeth Shepherd is a delight to listen to. With a gorgeous jazz sound that combines several other influences, her music is a truly inventive audio blend.  Local music lovers can see her musical talent first-hand this Friday when she performs at the Dominion-Chalmers Church (355 Cooper St.) at 7:30 pm as part of Ottawa’s Winter […]