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Véronique Leblanc (à droite) anime un atelier Articulation. Photo par Stéphanie Nadeau.

Écrire sur l’art. Pourquoi? Comment?

Post par Andrée Préfontaine, Frances Caswell-Routhier, Johanne Lafrenière, Josée Dubeau, Mana Rouholamini, et Véronique Leblanc.                   J’ai peur. J’ai peur de ne pas pouvoir, de ne pas savoir, de ne pas réussir, de ne pas avoir le bon mot, de ne pas avoir les idées assez sophistiquées. L’écriture […]

Photo from The Black Tomato's Twitter page.

Bourbon Week on now until the 27th

Bourbon. The name immediately evokes images of Tom Waits, smokey bars and amber liquor. The smell is sharp like scotch, but has an underlying sweetness to it that warms you from the inside as you sip it. It’s that good, and more. Which is why Ottawa now has a whole week of it. Bourbon Week […]

Gordon Lightfoot performing at the National Arts Centre. All photos by Terry Steeves.

Gordon Lightfoot plays for packed crowd at Southam Hall

Upon the mention of the name Lightfoot, words like troubadour, singer/songwriter genius, and Canadian folk music legend come to mind…to name a few. But more, he has the ability to write songs that stick like glue. Completely memorable songs that have woven their way through our lives, with each one reminding us of a certain […]

Photo by Juan Monroy from Flickr.

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Les suggestions @Basement819

Winter is here (yuck) and so is the weekend (yay)! For those of you who have not begun your winter hibernation just yet, there is plenty to do out-and-about in Ottawa. Keep warm this weekend with a glass of bourbon, at the first ever Ottawa Bourbon Week, which kicks off this Friday night at Two […]

Photo by Darling & Dapper (, courtesy of

Holiday craft show roundup 2014

The holiday season is packed full of craft shows – so many that you could hit one up every Saturday and Sunday from now until Christmas! Krista Leben, coordinator and co-founder of Urban Craft, has once again put together a curated guide of indie shows for you to hit up: the shows here feature hip […]

Galleon: Setting sail again after 30 years

It was an era that existed sometime after the Beatles and before video killed the radio star. One that had flash pots, fog machines, strobe lights, tight pants, plenty of hair, guitars turned up to eleven, bone-rattling bass, drum solo madness, and the proverbial rock god lead singer. I’m talking about the big, bold, and […]