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Our map of the best spots to catch Euro 2012

By Laurent Robillard-Cardinal on June 8, 2012

Ottawa soccer enthusiasts eagerly await the 2012 UEFA Euro Football Championship, but maybe not as much as Ukrainians and Poles.

“This is the biggest stage Poland has been on since entering the EU in 2004 and Poles are excited to show off their country,” said Charles Leury whose been studying in Warsaw for the past two years. “There is, however, a sense of nervousness about how it will all unfold.”

Starting June 8, 2012 soccer fans will also be anxious as they watch their favourite national team compete for the Henri Delaunay Trophy. “It’s only a few days before the Euro Cup opening match in Warsaw and it feels like the calm before a big storm,” said Leury.

Ottawa bars and pubs are also anticipating the storm of thirsty, enthusiastic and hopefully face-painted customers. “We are expecting a fun crowd for the Euro,” said the Earl of Sussex Manager Sam Wright. “We will be ready for every game regardless.”

This is one of the biggest national soccer tournaments and Apartment613 found some awesome venues to watch the games.

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TSN, RDS and Telelatino acquired rights to show the games and thanks to media convergence, you will also be able to listen to live game coverage on TEAM 1200. With games airing during the day this will be a popular alternative for those 9 to 5ers.

The Nations Capital is home to many different ethnicities that will flaunt their national pride during Euro. Expect many different car flags to flap in the オンライン カジノ wind during the tournament.

With 213,475 residents of the Ottawa-Gatineau region indicating Irish as the ethnic origin, count on a few of them to go green. With Croatia, Italy and Spain in the same group, the Irish tricolour might return to its storage after the group stage.

Another popular sighting to watch for across the city during the Euro will be the Portuguese soccer jersey. Cristiano Ronaldo’s number 7 will be a popular choice, especially with the ladies. Even if the Italians count for only 4 per cent 0,04 per cent of the Ottawa-Gatineau population, their national pride will materialize throughout the streets of Little Italy.

The favourites for the tournament are winners of the 2010 World Cup, Spain, and the young and dynamic German squad. After revamping their team, following their embarrassing 2010 World Cup run, France could make an interesting run, especially if star-striker Karim Benzema delivers the goods.

  • pc

    ,but who are YOU going for?

  • Chris B

    I think, if the past is anything to go on, you can put a Dutch flag next to the Georgetown Pub. The owner is part-Dutch, sometimes they do commentary in Dutch. In fact, last WC, for the semi, the Netherlands Ambassador showed up, but it was too full!

  • Mike Jones

    Italians count for 4, not, 0.04, per cent of the Ottawa-Gatineau population.

  • François Levesque

    Go Portugal!

  • joe cannes

    Really? Thats the best map you can do?

  • Laurent Robillard-Cardinal

    Thanks Mike! I used the same data, just forgot a calculation!

    @Joe Cannes, I called numerous bars and pubs, but only a few had organized something for the Euro.

  • Lisa

    What about the Swedish games. Where do I find the Swedes:)

  • Laurent Robillard-Cardinal

    @Lisa, not sure, but if you find out let me know!

  • joe cannes

    I thought maybe there was a place on Preston to watch the Italian games, and maybe a place near the Greek center (around Prince of Wales and heron) to watch Greece play, but it is all good, at this point, everyone seems to be playing it… WIll update if I see a place to watch those games