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More fashion, less victim: BumpIt or dump it, expiration and trip preparation

By Jes Lacasse on June 7, 2011


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Jes Lacasse is a wardrobe consultant who knows style. She grew up absorbing Vogue, studied costume design and fashion history, and thinks about clothes all the time. Jes does personal styling and shopping for private clients and dabbles in lifestyle design. If you have questions about fashion, she wants to answer them — please e-mail her at Your Sweet Bippy is where she blogs about style, shopping, cosmetics and self-love. She is also known to obsess over clothes on Twitter.

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Hello darlings!

I hope you’ve been taking the time to enjoy the fantastic weather we’ve been having, and to take care of and love yourself as much as you can!

But you have questions, and I have answers. Here we go!

Hey Jes,

Do you ever get the urge to punch someone you notice is wearing a BumpIt? Can you explain to people how to backcomb? If the BumpIt is used correctly I respect it but many people can’t pull it off and don’t know how to backcomb.


Oh dear Renée,

In answer to the first question you asked, no, I’ve never had that urge! I understand where it might come from though!

Convenience products to make hairstyling easier are a tricky thing. Unless they’re used with extreme attention to detail, they can look rather tragic. Unfortunately, sometimes people use products (witness the BumpIt and the Topsy Tail) in a slap-dash effort to pull themselves together without bothering to check the rear view!

The best advice I can offer in terms of the BumpIt are as follows: backcomb, backcomb, backcomb. Then smooth, smooth, smooth. That’s going to be the trick to making the BumpIt invisible to an onlooker.

And if you don’t have the time/couldn’t be arsed to do so, just let your beautiful hair hang naturally, lovely girl! Use lots of hairspray, and check your rearview.

Your natural hair is probably less work!

Dear Jes,

Can you please explain something to me? Why does sunscreen expire? It’s so frustrating to pull out an half-used bottle from last summer and find I have to throw it away!


Well my sweet, the short answer is that the ingredients expire! The chemicals which make it sunscreen-y (yes, that is a word) like zinc and titanium dioxide generally have a shelf-life of about three years. However, if before that time your sunscreen becomes lumpy, discoloured or smells funny, dump it!

Also, be careful of what sunscreens you buy, as some are more effective than others. I wrote about sunscreen yesterday on the blog!


What the heck do I pack for a June trip in Canada? The weather changes so much! (Ottawa -> Regina -> Vancouver)

Teresa (via Twitter)

Well Teresa, it all depends on how long your trip is!

Honestly, you are very lucky to be going at a time of year that everything across the country is pretty temperate. Count on it being a few degrees cooler in Regina than in Ottawa, and maybe a couple of degrees cooler again in Vancouver (with a bit more dampness). But for the most part, you can pack however many outfits you think you might need, throw in a light jacket, waterproof footwear and a travel umbrella and you should be set!

Well kittens, I would love to answer your questions all night, but there seems to be a glass of wine and a patio calling my name! Please e-mail me your fashion and style questions at Millions of kisses!


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