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Weekly News Review: Liberal leadership up for grabs, more street food soon, 5 years of Somerset House rubble, and more!

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Photo courtesy of Trevor Pritchard from the Apartment613 Flickr GroupPhoto courtesy of Trevor Pritchard from the Apartment613 Flickr Group

Good Monday morning readers! The big news of the week was Dalton McGuinty’s surprise announcement that he will be stepping down as leader of the provincial Liberal party. To add to the drama, early in the week, local MPP Yasir Naqvi was said to be contemplating a run for the leadership. Yesterday however, he confirmed that a leadership bid was not in the cards.

There will be a memorial this morning for the Carleton student killed in a biking accident last week on Bronson Avenue. I can’t help but be reminded of a press release that I read this week from UBC on how appropriate cycling infrastructure can improve biking safety.

Advocates for looser regulations on street food vendors should be celebrating this week. The City Hall committee charged with looking at the issue voted to allow new rules that should expand the street food offerings.

Our city is celebrating a sombre anniversary this week. Charles from Images of Centretown reminds us that it was five years ago that Somerset House collapsed. He’s got a great review of the last five years posted online for us.



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