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Let’s get it on, Ottawa! The 2010 Big Sexy O-Town Survey

By Apartment613 on January 18, 2011


Post by NeoGaboX on flickr

Post by Apartment613’s own sex columnist, Nadine Thornhill, with help from Venus Envy’s Shelley Taylor.

When it comes to sex, we couldn’t help but be a little curious about what is (and isn’t!) going on out there. In order to get some answers, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Venus Envy to bring you Apartment613’s Big Sexy O-Town Survey. There’s no such thing as an overshare as far as we’re concerned, so take the survey and help shed some light on what goes on behind Ottawa’s closed doors.

The Survey!

The survey has a total of 28 questions and you can answer as many or as few as you like. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to answer them all. Most questions are multiple choice and all include space if you need or want to explain your answer further. The questions cover a range of topics from orientation to masturbation to kink to sexual health to abstinence. The survey will remain open until Monday, February 7. No one will no who you are (not even us!) so be as honest as you like.

The Results!

Once we’ve collected and collated the data, we’ll release the results of our Big Sexy O-Town Survey on Valentine’s Day. We may share some of our favourite answers but rest assured, we won’t reveal any identifying details.

Fabulous Prizes!

If you’ve completed the survey and you’d like to be included in a draw to win a fabulous prize courtesy of Venus Envy, email with the magic words found in the last question of the survey. Participation in the draw is voluntary — and your information will not be linked to your answers in any way. The draw will take place when the survey closes on February 8th.

Trigger Warning: Please note…one of the questions deals with sexual assault.

Click here to take the Apartment 613’s Big Sexy O-Town Survey.