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Inspiring Change commemorates where we’ve been, are and where we’re going

By Emily Shoff on March 12, 2014

An important aspect of International Women’s Day is that it initiates a dialogue, a dialogue that resurrects past generations of struggle, contempt and discernment in a society that has persecuted individual’s opportunity on the basis of gender.

A collection of works by five female artists are featured from now until March 30th at the Wall Space Gallery in Westboro. An exhibit called Inspiring Change, commends the artists who evoke their audience in a process of motivational nostalgia.

The thought-provoking works of artists Marjolyn van der Hart, Alex Chowaniec, Joy Kardish, Michelle Valberg and Sharon Vanstarkenburg each take a unique approach to challenging the stance of gender in today’s society using iconic images of the 1950s housewife to the inference of the queen bee to reactionary portraits of the resilient female body. A mishmash of playful and raw images all seek to imply a reflection period on its audience to a time where the female population was bounded to a certain expectation and hierarchy. While calmly reflecting on past endeavors, the exhibit intends to stay true to its title. The riveting pieces seek to inspire its viewers to continue on the path of change. They create an instilling projection of today where gender still renders challenges in an attempt to inspire change for tomorrow.

These powerful works celebrate women and the named day. Open to all ages, genders and generations, the Inspiring Change exhibit commemorates where we’ve been, are and where we’re going in reference to respect and equality.

Prepare to leave inspired.