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I was framed! Best eyewear stores in town

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Post by Kim Bosch

Squinting to see spring, but still too creeped out to have your cornea lasered? Ottawa has a few great independent eyeglass stores to frame up your peepers in style.

For the practical-minded, there’s Pflug Optical (1580 Merivale), an Ottawa staple for over 30 years. They offer classic shapes with small quirks (e.g. standard rectangle frame in vibrant green). Pflug is a great place for those having trouble picking out frames on their own. Excellent customer service and honest opinions are abundant at this shop.

If Elton John lived in Ottawa (imagine THAT?), he’d buy all his glasses from Optical Excellence (779 Bank). Exotic-takes on the cat-eye, intricate European designs: each frame is like piece of art, and priced as such. Ironically though, Optical Excellence offers great prices for refitting old frames with new lenses, so it all balances out.

Eyemaxx (237 Elgin) is also a great choice. It’s a clean, uncluttered store that still has oodles of options— from funky plastic to basic metallic. If for no other reason, you should check them out because they are the only store in Ottawa that carries super sexy Salt brand eyewear; a hot eyeglass company with moderately priced.

For those still looking for something different (or cheaper), there’s always the vintage route. Aunt Olive’s (209 Glmour) offers up the odd frame (average price $20), and you can sometimes get lucky at Young Jane’s (203 Dalhousie) and Ottawa mega-consigner Ragtime (43 Flora).

Did we miss your favourite eyeware store? Let us know in the comments!


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Yikes! How did you miss Albert Opticians! I got some amazing European frames there recently, after having looked far and wide across the city for something interesting. By far the best in town!

- Brenda

Nina's Optical in Bells Corners is brilliant. In the absence of taking along a friend, Nina is spot on at counselling what size, shape and style looks best. I've bought many from her without regret.

- Diane

Bastien and prizant at 447 Cumberland.

- Ben

Spinnewyn Opticians is also a good shop. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Not a huge store but a wide style selection. Some very funky, trendy and vintage looking frames. Bank near Hunt Club.

- Alex

Are there any favourites in the FAR west of Ottawa?

- Catherine

Thanks! This article was really helpful...need some spectacles.

- David

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