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Fringe Review: The Fake News Show

By David Currie on June 14, 2017


The Fake News Show
by The Improv Embassy

45 min / Comedy, Improv / PG

The Fake News Show begins by asking members of the audience to cut out articles from the newspaper. This becomes the wellspring from which the performers draw their inspiration and their comedy. Three women and two men fill forty five minutes with improvised jokes, one liners, and scenarios. The show features a great set and excellent tech. The host is great and knows how to keep the show on track and active. However, for me the star of the evening was Kevin – a man who can steal a scene with one awkward and inevitably curtain crashing joke. After the first sketch I found myself wondering how Kevin would throw a wrench into the next bit, and the next. His presence never failed to add variety into this otherwise very standard Improv show.

You see, The Fake News Show isn’t really a fake news show at all. Aside from the newspaper gimmick and the delightful prepared opening it has nothing to do with the news. It’s more of a “Fake Fake News Show” with sketches – despite the frame – falling into patterns and non-news motifs common in other improv shows. This is fine but those desiring anything other than cursory references to Trudeau, Merkel, and other world leaders will have to look elsewhere. Also, they make a lot of jokes at the expense of La Belle Province. Lovers of improv comedy will enjoy this show, Québecois might not.

The Fake News Show is playing at The Improv Embassy (176 Rideau St) until Saturday June 17, 2017. Tickets cost $12 online and at the door. Visit for the show schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at