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Crushing on improv

By Megan Underwood on August 13, 2014

Summer love is in the air and what are we crushing on? Improv. If you’re looking for somewhere to laugh your pants off with a beer in hand, look no further than the 3-week comedy series, My Summer Crush which opened at Arts Court  Tuesday, August 12th. Featuring some of the best improv, sketch comedy, late night, stand-up, music and beer in Canada, it’s no wonder My Summer Crush is back for another year, even bigger and better. Crush Improv core member, Al Connors shared the impressive growth of the festival. “In 5 short years, My Summer Crush has gone from 5 shows piggybacking on another festival, to a packed 3-week comedy series featuring some of the best acts in Canada.” How, you ask?

It all started with Crush Improv, an Ottawa based improv group that’s been making the city laugh since 2007. It’s not their day job, but rather their love for comedy that keeps Crush Improv crushing and us giggling, and over the years, Crush has continued to make hilarious stuff up on stage. Probably the coolest part about My Summer Crush is that it has attracted artists and comedians from around the country such as, Montreal Improv (Montreal), Bad Dog Theatre (Toronto), Uncalled For (Montreal), Ladystache (Toronto), and stand-up comedy from Kids In The Hall’s Kevin McDonald. Through Crush Improv’s work with the Canadian Comedy Awards at Arts Court, these artists have all come together to make you laugh – for cheap!

My Summer Crush is a great example of how Ottawa has become a growing hot spot for the comedy community and one of the best audiences in the country. Want to add your howl to the laugh track? “Arts Court will be our Crush clubhouse for most of August. Artists and audience will be in and out of that place with something going on every day for 19 straight days. It’s actually pretty amazing”, Connors stated. And if you don’t just like watching comedy, there’s something for you too! My Summer Crush offers workshops in improv performance, sketch comedy writing (with Kevin McDonald), commercial auditions, stagecraft and theatricality.

So don’t just sit there feeling lonely! Follow the fun on Twitter @CrushImprov or or you can join in on the fun for a mere $10 per show. Ticket information available here. With twelve perfect evenings of fun at Arts Court (2 Daly Avenue), it’s “comedy you’ll really, really like”. Did we mention that there’s beer?