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How to Be a Gentleman PRINT

Fringe Review: How to Be a Gentleman

60 min | Comedy | Mature William Beddoe and Robin Hodge have an incredible chemistry that reminds us of a modern-day Thelma and Louise. This brilliantly directed play had a simple set that was accentuated by a great lighting display. There were many extremely funny and witty parts exploring the topics of chivalry and gentlemanly […]


Fringe Review: May I have this Dance?

By Kat Fournier 60 minutes | Comedy, Drama | Mature Theatre often interacts with pop culture. In the movie Trainwreck, Amy Schumer brought audiences a 30-something-year-old woman who is cynical about men and manages to create a somewhat unconventional rom-com. Here at The Ottawa Fringe Festival, May I have this Dance? offers audiences a play […]

Grade 8 PRINT

Fringe Review: Grade 8

By Jessica Ruano 60 minutes | Spoken Word, Drama |PG Oh, Dwayne Morgan, you heartwarmer. For years I’ve known you as the guy who almost single-handedly made the Canadian spoken word scene flourish, most notably with your slam-tastic When Brothers Speak / When Sisters Speak showcases. But now I’m acquainted with you under a different […]

Fugee WEB

Fringe Review: Fugee

60 minutes | Mature | Drama The energy and enthusiasm that young actors bring to the stage is always impressive, and Third Wall Academy is giving them an opportunity this year at Fringe. The story of Fugee is a good fit for teenaged actors, centring as it does on a 14-year-old refugee from Côte d’Ivoire, […]


Apt613 review opening weekend of the 20th Ottawa Fringe Festival

For the fifth consecutive year, Apt613 will be reviewing all Ottawa Fringe plays on their first night (as much as humanly possible). Every published review is linked below. You can also find these on our Fringe page. A huge thanks to all of our 30 volunteer contributors and to all, enjoy Fringe’s 20th anniversary! #Staystrong $12 […]

Everybody Dies In December WEB

Fringe Review: Everybody Dies in December

55 min | Dark Comedy, Drama, Solo | PG Nancy Kenny, who brought us the dynamic Roller Derby Saved My Soul a couple of years ago, returns to Ottawa with another solo show: Everybody Dies in December. It’s a much quieter, almost interior play but, like Roller Derby, it’s about one woman’s passion for her vocation. […]


Fringe Review: Searching For Party

60 minutes | Comedy, Drama | PG  I have a confession to make: I’m not much of a video gamer. I don’t own any of the major consoles, I don’t spend much time gaming, and I haven’t spent money on a game in years. Nonetheless, I hugely enjoyed Searching for Party. It’s a series of […]


Fringe Review: Lovely Lady Lump

73 min | Comedy, Clown, Solo | PG Australian comic Lana Schwarcz survived breast cancer. She tells the audience how she discovered a lump, had it diagnosed as cancer, then endured surgery followed by long treatment involving hormonal, radiation and art therapy. Art therapy? For cancer? Who knew? That Schwarcz can leaven gruesome details with humour […]

ArborAmor WEB

Fringe Review: ArborAmor

By Amanda Dookie  30 min | Comedy, Clown, Family | G Two cheerful, energetic mimes love to dance to the music of a quirky accordionist and all is happy in the world… until an unsuspecting tree comes to life with the music and shakes things up. Everything is said through music and dance in this funny little […]


Fringe Review: GARY

By Julia Bueneman 54 min | Comedy, Drama | Mature Never in Fringe history have I seen such well-portrayed, realistic, and beautifully sexual characters move so elegantly in large Hawaiian shirts. GARY is a fun, sexy, riveting, and driven show about three friends cleaning up the aftermath post a gay uncle’s wake. Dubbed a “Sexistential Crisis”, this […]


Fringe Review: Duet, or: Pas de deux

By David Currie 60+ min | Comedy | PG Dear David circa Wednesday, If you want to live a happier life don’t go to Duet, or: Pas de deux. It pains me to tell you this because the predominantly female cast performs the material to the best of their abilities, and Richard Kaulbars can sell […]


Fringe Review: The Exclusion Zone

By Helen Lam 50 min | Comedy, Travelogue | Mature Brooklyn-based playwright and Fringe veteran Martin Dockery overlays a trip to Chernobyl, Geoff Dyer’s book Zona, and the film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky into a solo show about the search for human creativity. All three of these pieces are quests in one way or another […]

Well Isn't This Super...

Fringe Review: Well Isn’t This Super… (Marvellous Man IV: The Return of Marvellous Man)

60 minutes |Comedy | Play |PG A rather sophisticated story with sweet perspective shifts. Well Isn’t This Super… exhibits an impressive maturity by Dead Unicorn Ink while their irreverent edge remains firmly intact. In the amusing opening sequence, a Tinder hook-up reveals itself to be the set of a superhero movie. The production shifts between the […]


Fringe Review: Ottawa Fringe To-Do Review

By David Currie (with Vanessa Lynn Turpin) Imagine your perfect hour away from your telephone and/or children. What does that look like? Would you visit a dance show, a drama, a comedy, or something captivating but practically impossible to put into words the next day!? This is the imagining that bound together the packed audience of […]


Fringe Review: Division 161

40 minutes | Mystery, Sci-fi | PG  If you never hear anything interesting when you eavesdrop, take this opportunity to listen in on an intense, guarded conversation between two people with a complex history. Division 161 delivers on being both a mystery and sci-fi, with a gradual reveal of information and some unexpected twists. The […]