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Storytelling and Poetry

Q&A with Mark Bulgutch: Steak and potatoes, waterskiing squirrels and the future of journalism

Mark Bulgutch, award-winning reporter and author of That’s Why I’m a Journalist, is coming to the capital on April 19th to discuss the future of Canadian journalism with Carleton professor Chris Waddell. In anticipation of the event at the Octopus Books’ Centretown location, Apt613 chatted with Bulgutch in a phone interview about steak and potatoes, […]

Poets and Pancakes unite

Khaleefa Apollo the Child is a man of many hats. He is a spoken word artist, motivational speaker, youth worker, and events coordinator. He is also one half of hip hop duo Poetic Elements, radio show host on CKCUFM’s The Home Invasion Show, and current co-director of Urban Legends Poetry Collective (ULPC). When Khaleefa became […]

Ravenswing celebrates its 10th year with a launch party

It has been ten years since Ravenswing, an annual fair of local artisans, live music and free skill-sharing workshops, first took flight and, in celebration of bringing arts, culture, and community to Centretown for a decade and counting, they are throwing a launch party to mark the occasion. The launch party will be an opportunity for […]


Review by Arielle Follett Musical, Storytelling, Family/45 Minutes When heading out to a show put on by young children, I usually don’t go in with very high expectations. Unlike the many parents and grandparents in the audience, gripping their digital cameras and bouquets for their children, I was ready for a lackluster show. Clearly I […]

High Tide

Review by Cate Preston 45 min | Solo, Storytelling | General Rachel Carson is a name that most recognize, although sometimes vaguely, with her book Silent Spring usually sparking more recognition. I for one will profess to not really knowing much else about the woman, but in High Tide, Morgan Johnson creates a character so intelligently charming […]

Never Own Anything You Have to Paint or Feed

Review by Lisa Levesque Comedy, Solo, Storytelling/ PG /60m Howard Petrick starts off his one-man show singing a Wobblies version of an old hymn, talking about his young life as a working man, and wearing denim on denim. But, what should seem preachy never does. Instead, Never Own Anything You Have to Paint or Feed is the […]