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Sights & Sounds

Detail of the Ottawa Explosion poster, from the OXW Facebook page

Five lesser-known picks for Ottawa Explosion Weekend

Unless your knowledge of punk, garage, and associated genres is truly encyclopedic, Ottawa Explosion Weekend can be a pretty overwhelming prospect. The annual music festival has been growing steadily since its inception, and this year, the “weekend” runs from this Tuesday to the following Monday, and features over eighty bands from Ottawa and around the […]

every one everyone. Photo from

every one everyone an all-encompassing, craniospacial experience

For enlightened types, every one everyone, co-presented by the Ottawa Dance Directive as part of Canada Dance Festival, could be awe-inspiring, and uniting, allowing one to connect on a deeper level with other people. For me, it was a panic attack. every one everyone, masterpiece of Berlin-based choreographer, dancer, and dance educator, Shannon Cooney, is […]

Image from the NAC website

Modern Cabaret Revival with Small Stages Canada

Twinkling lights adorned the small stage area, designating the space a dance zone, as 2-person tables in the audience quickly filled up with 3 and 4 people, and attendees dutifully waited in line for their coveted drink tickets. As more and more people filed in and the excited murmurs grew louder, I scanned the room […]

Photo by Jehu Jacob Mahautiere

Observing music through photographs

What does music look like?  For local photographer Jehu Jacob Mahautiere this question is at the forefront of his artistic work. “I was a DJ in Montreal, that is where my passion for art comes from,” says Mahautiere, who moved to Ottawa about a decade ago. His time spinning records in night clubs and dance […]

Photo by Cameron MacLennan courtesy of Canada Dance Festival

Wonderful outdoor dance show is pure artistic gold

This past Saturday I got a glimpse into the future of dance and oh boy is it ever good. For one brilliant hour in the afternoon, only a few blocks away from the bustling crowds at Westfest, the normally quiet residential streets of Westboro turned into a dance playground.  Porch View Dances, which took place on […]

Kiesza, one of the Glowfair headliners.  Photo by Tibarazzi, from Kiesza's Facebook page

Bank Street gets its glow on at Glowfair

Glowfair, now in its second year, proves to step it up a notch with even more emphasis on music, arts, light, and plenty of activities, including 16 musical acts, and 9 themed street blocks. On June 19th and 20th, nine-themed blocks from Slater to James streets will be closed off for 2 magical days and […]

Theatre Review: Young Drunk Punk

When a comedian kicks things off by semi-bragging about bad reviews for the show you’re about to see you take it to mean “screw that guy, you folks are gonna love this!”  Which of course is exactly what Bruce McCulloch meant when he quoted a recently earned negative review of Young Drunk Punk his one(ish) […]

Mill Street Brew Pub, host of ManMade on Sunday, June 14. Photo from the Handmade Harvest website.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend?

Westfest is all back for a weekend long celebration of art and culture in Westboro Village, highlighting some of the most interesting and eclectic shops and businesses in the area. Make sure to check out the schedule so you don’t miss any of the free live shows. Some other neighbourhood events include Free Yoga outside […]

Image from the Magnetic North website

Theatre review: What Happened to the Seeker

In What Happened to the Seeker, there is an illuminating moment when an aging hippie living in India muses on the local custom of going about the everyday business of living when young, working and raising families, then seeking enlightenment later when they are older. He speculates that maybe much of his current disappointment and […]

Tanya Tagaq.

Take 5 for the 2015 Ottawa Jazz Festival

Despite the abundance of genres, the various styles and wide-ranging traditions, jazz essentially is about improvisation, collaboration, and the ongoing quest for exploration. It’s about creating musical moments bound in the precarious nature of time. Or, to say it another way, it’s about sonically interpreting the precariousness of time by collaborating in the construction of […]