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Précieux nectar de 2014 :: le top des meilleurs albums selon Basement 819

Alors que Basement 819  s’apprête à célébrer sa première année d’existence (woo-hoo!), au même moment, l’année 2014 tire sa révérence… Quel destin fatal elles ont hérité toutes ces belles années! Pour en souligner ses meilleurs moments et faire ressortir le précieux nectar qui l’a marquée, on vous propose de revenir sur les albums qui sont […]

L-R: Christopher Morris, Ron Klappholz, Natasha Greenblatt, Andrew Moodie.  Photo by Andree Lanthier.

Alice Through the Looking-Glass is pure magic

Among his numerous accomplishments, the iconic science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was famous for his three laws.  The most popular “law” is arguably number three, in which he declared that, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” After watching the fantastic performance of Alice Through the Looking Glass at the National Arts Centre, it […]

Microphone. Photo by  Mika Hiltunen
on Flickr.

The Gladstone’s Christmas tradition returns

An evening bookended by gifts. But first, a word of advice, O gentle reader, before you enter the theatre: The Gladstone bar is featuring eggnog, with or without Sailor Jerry rum. Order yours before the show for intermission. It’s very popular. The Radio Show has become a Christmas tradition at The Gladstone. As befits a […]

Sparks Street. Photo by My1k from the Apartment613 Flickr pool.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend? + Originals ticket giveaway

Ottawa, we really should have seen this coming after yesterday’s storm warning about the Dec 10th snowfall. Now, I know how tempting it is to shake down the nearest grocery store for all the egg nog they have in stock and take to the couch until it all goes away, but you would be missing […]

Wreaths of Parkdale. Photo by justinvl on the Apartment613 Flickr pool.

Apt613 Live for Dec. 10, 2014

Hey kids! This week on Apt613 Live we’re bringing you an interview that speaks to the spirit of the season. Steve Beauchesne is a co-founder of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company: an Ottawa favourite whose ever-evolving flavours can be found on-shelves and on-tap at LCBOs and bars around Ontario. Yet Beau’s is more than just a […]

Anne7, detail. All photos by Ralph Nevins.

Timeslice: An imagery of time by Ralph Nevins

Raymond Aubin is an artist in contemporary photography who also writes critiques and reviews in visual and media arts. Imagine being able to see a whole movie at once, collapsed into a single still image. This is the intriguing experience that artist Ralph Nevins proposes at the Trinity Art Gallery of the Shenkman Arts Centre. […]

Tyler Kealey on final stretch of Song-a-Day project

[youtube][/youtube] It seems like this time of year is associated with a kind of short-term nostalgia. With a new year approaching, it’s almost tradition to take a step back and consider the passing year — the triumphs and the disappointments, the bright moments and the sorrows — and perhaps to raise a glass. This year, […]

Still from the project trailer for The Tale of a Town.

Apt613 Live for Dec. 3, 2014

Hey kids-and welcome to December! I don’t know about you but I’m very excited to flip that page on my calendar (yeah, I’m kickin’ it old-school with an actual paper calendar hanging on my wall).  We’ve arrived at that magical time of year when smiles seem easier, folks seem friendlier, and when gee whiz it’s […]

Bassist/lead vocalist, Jon Harvey, with Steve Kiely on drums/vocals. All photos by Terry Steeves.

Monster Truck rolls into Ottawa

Saturday night, Monster Truck rolled into Ottawa’s Bronson Centre, and turned this once Catholic high school for girls 700-seat auditorium into a spectacular arena rock show. Ultra high ceilings, a massive elevated stage, theatre-style seating, and plenty of standing room up front, made this the perfect sized venue, and despite its cavernous interior, maintained excellent […]