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Photo of Marc Labrèche by Nicola-Frank Vachon

Magnetic North: Needles and Opium is a truimph

Robert Lepage is arguably Canada’s best ever playwright.  If you have any doubts about this claim, then I encourage you to see Needles and Opium, the stunningly brilliant work by the Quebec-born artist that is running at the National Arts Centre until June 6 as part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Having originally debuted […]

Photo of Rodney DeCroo courtesy of FritzMedia

Turning a painful past into a beautiful present

Sometimes in our lives there comes a moment when we snap.  When something deep inside us explodes, forcing us to stop what we are doing and . . . well, that’s the significance of that moment, because we’re not really sure what comes next. For Vancouver singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo, that moment came five years ago […]

Photo of David Currie and orchestra musicians courtesy of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

A standing ovation for Ottawa’s largest orchestra

Let’s start with some musical trivia: What is the oldest and largest musical ensemble in the Ottawa-Gatineau region?  The National Arts Centre Orchestra you say?  Sorry, try again. How about one of the numerous choral groups in the city, or an organisation like Opera Lyra, which has been performing for more than three decades?  No […]

Photo from the Chocolate Hot Pocket's Facebook page.

Chocolate Hot Pockets release Chocolate Dreamz at Ritual tomorrow

One of Ottawa’s slinkiest, stankiest and bodaciously-bopping quartets The Chocolate Hot Pockets  is funking up Ritual on Saturday eve with the CD Release  of  Chocolate Dreamz. We dove in the goo-pocket with the forever-phat Alex Moxon to gab about their project. Apt613: Let’s dig into the Cacao of the Chocolate Hot Pockets. It says on […]

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Ridin’ with Memetic from Rideau2Richmond

You might know DJ Memetic from Timekode, possibly the best, and definitely the sweatiest, dance party in Ottawa. The not-so-hidden gem has been rocking eager crowds every month for ten years now. Now Memetic is releasing his ambitious debut album, Rideau2Richmond, a 28-track double LP concept album based on the OC Transpo #2 route. Using […]

PHoto 2

Historica Canada’s Heritage Minutes a Blast from the Past

Photos and article by Christopher Ryan “I can smell burnt toast!” “But I need these baskets back.” “Nice women don’t. want. the vote.” Mention any of these lines to a person of a certain age and you’ll likely find yourself with a willing and enthusiastic partner on a lengthy nostalgia trip. Now under the wing […]

Boogat. Photo by Carlos Guerra, courtesy of the National Arts Centre.

Summer sun and Boogat’s beats

The sun is shining something fierce as I bike over to the NAC to meet up with Boogat, the Montreal-based hip-hop artist who has recently released his latest album Neo-Reconquista and who will be performing the venue this upcoming Friday.  Walking with Boogat to the NAC’s café, where we’ll sit by the canal for a […]

Photo of John Antoniuk and Jen Lane by Borja

Jen & John bring their beautiful duets to Raw Sugar Cafe

Sometimes the best artistic collaborations arise from love.  In the case of married couple-cum-musical partners John Antoniuk and Jen Lane this is clearly the case. While both have successful solo careers, the Saskatoon-based duo released last year Jen & John, a seven-song album comprised of five originals and two covers.  With rich vocal harmonies, soothing melodies and […]