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Basement 819 du 26 novembre 2014 :: Paint Nite ou comment délivrer l’artiste qui sommeille en vous. Figureworks et l’art humain. La Belgique à l’honneur au CNA. Et tellement +

Basement 819 ne vous laissera pas sans rien faire en fin de semaine. C’est novembre, il fait froid avant le temps, nous décrétons donc que le début du weekend commence le jeudi. C’est comme ça. Éric part le bal cette semaine avec une première chronique d’art visuel à son actif. Tel un poisson dans l’eau, […]

The Leslie Rohonczy Band (from left to right): Al Wilmore (keys/vocals), Chris Houle (drums/percussion),
Leslie Rohonczy (lead vocals/percussion), Steven Rae (bass/vocals), and Scott Walsh (guitar/vocals).

Leslie Rohonczy releases Down From The Ether

Ottawa singer/songwriter and recording artist, Leslie Rohonczy, along with her powerhouse band, put on an outstanding show at Greenfield’s Pub on Sunday night. She gave us a taste of her first CD, Sister Seven (Nov. 2012), as well as brand new material from her newest release, Down From The Ether (Oct. 2014). Leslie’s individuality, independence, […]

Gordon Lightfoot performing at the National Arts Centre. All photos by Terry Steeves.

Gordon Lightfoot plays for packed crowd at Southam Hall

Upon the mention of the name Lightfoot, words like troubadour, singer/songwriter genius, and Canadian folk music legend come to mind…to name a few. But more, he has the ability to write songs that stick like glue. Completely memorable songs that have woven their way through our lives, with each one reminding us of a certain […]

Photo by Juan Monroy from Flickr.

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Les suggestions @Basement819

Winter is here (yuck) and so is the weekend (yay)! For those of you who have not begun your winter hibernation just yet, there is plenty to do out-and-about in Ottawa. Keep warm this weekend with a glass of bourbon, at the first ever Ottawa Bourbon Week, which kicks off this Friday night at Two […]

Galleon: Setting sail again after 30 years

It was an era that existed sometime after the Beatles and before video killed the radio star. One that had flash pots, fog machines, strobe lights, tight pants, plenty of hair, guitars turned up to eleven, bone-rattling bass, drum solo madness, and the proverbial rock god lead singer. I’m talking about the big, bold, and […]

Das Blankout. Photo courtesy of Indie Montréal.

Montreal’s Das Blankout play the Mercury Lounge on Thursday

Vanessa Rotondo is an Ottawa-based freelance writer, National spoken word artist and youth educator. You can follow her on Twitter. Three-piece Montreal rock band, Das Blankout, stops in Ottawa this Wednesday as part of their Quebec-Ontario Invasion tour. In anticipation of their show, Apt613 spoke with Matt Burghardt, lead singer and guitarist, about their recent […]

Nonprofit Band at House of Targ on November 13, 2014. All photos by Kelsey Sunstrum.

Nonprofit Band plays for greater good at House of Targ

If you were skeptical when reading my preview piece about a rock ‘n roll band sans electric guitar, you’re not alone. Although majorly intrigued, I definitely had a few reservations when learning about Nonprofit Band. Lead singer Michael Greilsammer explained that they originally planned to include the electric guitar in the album but, after the musician […]

Photo : Wall Space Gallery

Basement 819 du 12 novembre 2014 :: Lypsinch au Babylon. Houblon à volonté près de chez vous. Spectacle multi-multimédia à la galerie Wall Space

Basement 819 propose cette semaine des événements hors du commun pour satisfaire ceux qui ont besoin de s’aérer l’esprit et de s’activer les stimulis endormis. Consultez également nos suggestions à travers le Weekend Roundup. Nous y avons glissé des activités qui s’adressent aux amateurs de concerts tous azimuts. Tangled Dreamers | Un spectacle nommé délire […]

Mozart's Sister plays Cafe Decuf on Sunday, November 16. Photo by Vanessa Heins.

Weekend Roundup + Martini Madness giveaway

The rain has come but our spirits aren’t dampened, Ottawa. We’ll kick this weekend roundup off early this week and start with the 9th Annual Martini Madness in support of Crohn’s and Colitis tonight. Martini Madness has raised over $150,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis research to date, and in addition to funding research for the […]

AroarA. All photos courtesy of The Black Sheep Inn.

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa. No, unfortunately it doesn’t celebrate the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, but it does bring together some of Canada’s (untapped) talent in a celebration of creativity — specifically the musical and photographic kind. Ming Wu is the prolific and omnipresent concert photographer who has been snapping away at […]

All images from

Nonprofit Band brings reinvented rock ‘n roll to Ottawa

Allow me to introduce you to Nonprofit Band, the musical group who have reinvented rock ‘n roll music. How could they have possibly done this? Easy. There’s no electric guitar to be found in their work. Instead, they employ a violin, plugged into an amplifier, and utilize pedal effects to add different textures to the […]

Crédits photo : Bonsound

Concours :: Dans le tapis avec Lisa Leblanc! — Une paire de billets à gagner!

Le 4 novembre dernier Lisa Leblanc a lancé un mini-disque qui casse la baraque Highway, Heartaches And Time Well Wasted (Bonsound). 80 000 albums vendus plus tard pour son premier disque (2012), Lisa Leblanc revient en très grande forme.  Cette suite s’inscrit dans l’exploration d’un nouveau monde musical; elle nous offre ses premières chansons an […]