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Tanya Tagaq.

Take 5 for the 2015 Ottawa Jazz Festival

Despite the abundance of genres, the various styles and wide-ranging traditions, jazz essentially is about improvisation, collaboration, and the ongoing quest for exploration. It’s about creating musical moments bound in the precarious nature of time. Or, to say it another way, it’s about sonically interpreting the precariousness of time by collaborating in the construction of […]

Photo by Carlos Guerra

Keychain’s party rock takes over the Rainbow Bistro

Everyone has their secret pleasures. Some people love chocolate, others like watching sappy TV.  Me? I love heavy metal. Now, while I enjoy all kinds of music, (I listen to everything from Miles Davis to Vivaldi to Inti-Illimani to Felix de Housecat), there is a part of me that will always crave roaring guitars, loud drums […]

Estan Beedell. Photo by Raphaël Titsworth-Morin.

Review: The Vanity of Reason by Estan Beedell – out today!

The Vanity of Reason is a new album out today from Ottawa-based musician Estan Beedell. The album features ten tracks which range from mellow, jazzy musings in  “Clouds,” to fun, lively rock in “Caricature.” Throughout the different songs, various ensembles of instruments including violins, trumpets, and even a church organ, provide a neat, classic touch […]

Photo of Brock Zeman by Jamie Kronick

Brock Zeman brings his nimble songs to House of Targ

Many people believe that music transcends words.  What is sometimes overlooked, however, is the reverse, i.e. how lyrics can make a song sparkle in a way that a simple melody cannot.  In the case of singer-songwriter Brock Zeman this is definitely the case. During a concert a few weeks ago in Wakefield, QC I had […]

Kaze. Photo from

Five bands I loved at OIMC

The Ottawa International Music Conference (OIMC) wasn’t just about incredible panels given by industry diehards, it also had some of the best music you’ve likely never heard of. Luckily we’ve got a break down of the top five artists you may have missed, and what you can look forward to from them. French musician and […]

Q&A with the band Tortured Soul at OIMC. Photo from the OIMC Facebook page.

Five Things I Learned at the Ottawa International Music Conference

The first Ottawa International Music Conference was held recently at Maker Space North. The Conference featured international artists and panelists, who shared their knowledge with a room full of industry hopefuls. The three day event was successful, both in attendance and information obtained by attendees. The panels ranged from how to turn music into a […]

Concession 23 at Bluesfest. Photo from their website.

Album review: Concession 23’s Walter and Alice

Regulars at Pressed‘s Bluegrass Night will already know and love Concession 23, a bluegrass quartet known for their strong vocal harmonies, rhythmic energy, and their ability to build a rapport with their audiences.  Walter and Alice is the band’s third CD, and represents a step up for the already accomplished band from the Ottawa/Ottawa Valley region. […]

Magnetic North: Opera carnival comes to the Canal

[youtube][/youtube] Every once in a while, a really special show comes to Ottawa that just makes you go “wow”.  One such event is Fiamma!, an outdoor opera that is taking place on Sunday, June 7 at 9 pm on the shores of the Rideau Canal near the National War Memorial. Performed by Edmonton’s Mercury Opera, […]

Pianist Alain Lefèvre gives a compelling performance of laureate Walter Boudreau's,
"Asylum Waltz", conducted by Boudreau himself. All photos by Terry Steeves.

Highlights from the GG Performing Arts Awards

Artes nos tenent et inspirant is the latin phrase emblazoned on the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award emblem which means, “the arts engage and inspire us”. It is the same wording inscribed on the medals given to each of the publically elected awardees each year since the GGPAA’s inception in 1992, an event set in […]

Photo of Rodney DeCroo courtesy of FritzMedia

Turning a painful past into a beautiful present

Sometimes in our lives there comes a moment when we snap.  When something deep inside us explodes, forcing us to stop what we are doing and . . . well, that’s the significance of that moment, because we’re not really sure what comes next. For Vancouver singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo, that moment came five years ago […]