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Mozart's Sister plays Cafe Decuf on Sunday, November 16. Photo by Vanessa Heins.

Weekend Roundup + Martini Madness giveaway

The rain has come but our spirits aren’t dampened, Ottawa. We’ll kick this weekend roundup off early this week and start with the 9th Annual Martini Madness in support of Crohn’s and Colitis tonight. Martini Madness has raised over $150,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis research to date, and in addition to funding research for the […]

AroarA. All photos courtesy of The Black Sheep Inn.

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa

WuFest brings together all that is good in Ottawa. No, unfortunately it doesn’t celebrate the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, but it does bring together some of Canada’s (untapped) talent in a celebration of creativity — specifically the musical and photographic kind. Ming Wu is the prolific and omnipresent concert photographer who has been snapping away at […]

All images from

Nonprofit Band brings reinvented rock ‘n roll to Ottawa

Allow me to introduce you to Nonprofit Band, the musical group who have reinvented rock ‘n roll music. How could they have possibly done this? Easy. There’s no electric guitar to be found in their work. Instead, they employ a violin, plugged into an amplifier, and utilize pedal effects to add different textures to the […]

Crédits photo : Bonsound

Concours :: Dans le tapis avec Lisa Leblanc! — Une paire de billets à gagner!

Le 4 novembre dernier Lisa Leblanc a lancé un mini-disque qui casse la baraque Highway, Heartaches And Time Well Wasted (Bonsound). 80 000 albums vendus plus tard pour son premier disque (2012), Lisa Leblanc revient en très grande forme.  Cette suite s’inscrit dans l’exploration d’un nouveau monde musical; elle nous offre ses premières chansons an […]

Photo by Jaime Barash, courtesy of

Win tickets to see Jennifer Castle and the Acorn on November 14

This is going to be a great show. We’ve long understood that we can trust Arboretum. They take things seriously, and when they ask you to show up, it’s probably going to be worth it. We played some Jennifer Castle on Apartment613 Live (our weekly show on CHUO) last week and it was awesome. She’s […]

Photo courtesy of the National Arts Centre.

Tanya Tagaq plays the best punk show ever

The folks at the NAC might be kicking themselves for having booked Tanya Tagaq into the small Fourth Stage instead of one of their larger rooms: the show was booked before she won the Polaris Prize, reignited the debate in Canada over the seal hunt, and changed the way many Canadians think about Inuit musical […]

Crédits photo: Padraic Ryan
Appartement où habitait Igor Gouzenko sur la rue Somerset à Ottawa.

Basement 819 du 5 novembre 2014 :: 25 ans après la chute du mur de Berlin > Les prémisses de la guerre froide à Ottawa? Suggestion théâtre “Deux” de Mani Soleymanlou au CNA! + Concerts et nouveautés musicales!

Basement 819 proposera dorénavant une série de chroniques historiques afin de vous faire revivre d’importants moments de l’histoire de la grande région d’Ottawa et Gatineau. Cette semaine, nous commémorons les 25 ans de la chute du mur de Berlin. Éric s’est penché sur l’histoire d’Igor Gouzenko, ancien fonctionnaire à l’ambassade soviétique d’Ottawa entre 1943 et […]

Susie Arioli. Photo courtesy of the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Food and Wine ticket giveaway

This first weekend of November has much in store for us Ottawans. This weekend is full of local visual arts love. Thursday brings about the final show at The Studio Cafe. Artist Crystal Beshara will be showing her series of watercolour and oil paintings of Newfoundland, inspired by her visit out East in 2013. The […]

Séance d'enregistrement avec Claude Munson au Château Cyr. Photo : Katy Alambo

Basement 819 du 29 octobre 2014 :: Claude Munson en vedette. Karaoké d’Halloween et costume de poulet.

Basement 819 s’enrichit chaque mois d’une prestation d’un artiste qu’on veut voir briller sous tous les feux de toutes les rampes du monde. Claude Munson fait partie de ceux-là. Nous avons eu la chance de vivre l’enregistrement de deux nouvelles chansons au Château Cyr et de surcroît, d’obtenir une entrevue avec l’intime mais pas personnel […]

Photo : Randy MacNeil 2014

Claude Munson & The Silence Came After

Nous vous présentons une autre édition des chroniques « Les talents pas tellement cachés » initiées par notre collaborateur Jo Chapeau. Une deuxième session d’enregistrement filmée pour @Basement 819. Samedi dernier, l’été des indiens s’est transformé en fièvre magnétique sous l’effet du Château Cyr. Notre congestion nasale des temps froids a toute été débouchée grâce […]

Mounties. Photo provided by

Mounties return to Ottawa + prize pack giveaway

What do you get when three of the most prominent and creative Canadian musicians band together and form a supergroup? You get Mounties, the exciting project created by Hawksley Workman, Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays, and Ryan Dahle of Age of Electric and Limblifter. The group’s debut album, Thrash Rock Legacy was released this […]

Lily Frost performs material from her extensive past and present repetoire. All photos by Terry Steeves.

Lily Frost’s Motherless Child EP tour comes to Ottawa

Toronto’s Lily Frost returned to Ottawa Friday night at the wonderfully unique and bohemian Raw Sugar Café, located in the heart of Chinatown. It was nice to catch her in this intimate setting, in complete contrast to the last time I saw her perform, which was on the Black Sheep stage at Bluesfest in 2013. […]