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Photo courtesy of Snowday.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend?

This weekend is heavy with Friday events, with your pick of the mix from music to art and theatre filling the days and nights around it. Make sure to get in on some Robbie Burns celebrations this weekend honouring the famed Scottish poet and lyricist. Typical celebrations include whiskey tastings, indulging in some Scottish cuisine […]

Photo from the Bydek Group Inc Facebook page. Credit: Alex Brault

Motion happened last friday and it was crazy

On Friday night Motion happened at Barrymore’s and they had an insane turnout. Bydek Group, DNA Presents and Straight Goods were all big name organizers for the show and worked collaboratively to bring an all Canadian show to the stage. Their efforts certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The show was crazy. If you want a little […]

Basement 819 du 14 janvier 2015 :: On part à la découverte de nouveaux talents à Contact Ontarois! La patinoire du Ruisseau de la Brasserie réserve des événements hors du commun.

Basement 819 bat son plein dans le cadre d’un spécial Contact Ontarois. Il s’agit de la 34e édition de cet événement qui permettra cette année à 37 artistes francophones de la relève de se présenter sous leurs plus beaux atours. C’est donc une occasion rêvée de découvrir de nouvelles énergies de la scène qui permettent […]

Photo by Robin Davies on Flickr.

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend?

This year is off to a running start and the weekends are as fast-paced as the rest of the week, only way more fun! This weekend is keeping up its end of the bargain, promising plenty of awesome to keep you busy. Ottawa winters may be cold, but there are ways to get out and […]

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Video of the Week: Hurts to Breathe by Neverfriend

The opening of Ottawa-based band Neverfriend’s “Hurts to Breathe” features lead singer Gina desperately pleading for some love and relief, a vulnerability echoed in the images of a woman’s bare back covered in intricate flower tattoos. As the song progresses, however, the lyrics, the vocals and the instrumentals all build-up, fully expressing the angst and […]

L'exposition EXIT / SOUND sera présentée du 8 janvier au 7 février à la Galerie PDA Projects

Basement 819 du 7 janvier 2015 :: Artistes à surveiller en 2015! Arts visuels EXIT / SOUND. On fait une incursion légale dans la Galerie PDA Projects

Basement 819 se réjouit d’un temps des Fêtes fort fructueux. Non seulement nous avons repris des forces mais nous avons la tête bien prête à jouer dans la culture locale! Voici donc un premier résumé d’émission pour cette année 2015 qui s’annonce festive et prospère. Gardez l’oeil ouvert! Voici notre sélection d’artistes à surveiller Éric-flair-de-lynx […]

Please Spring! takes their Canadian tour through Ottawa this weekend. Photo from their event page.

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Les suggestions @Basement819

Welcome to 2015, readers! The new year kicked off with a bang, and hopefully you were all able to relax and enjoy a break before getting back to work. January may be a time when most things slow down, but this city doesn’t believe in slow weekends and has plenty of music and indoor activities […]

Photo of Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah by  Katia Pershin

The soothing songs of Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah

Sometimes you can find the most amazing people in your office building. As a federal government employee, I often interact with talented co-workers who engage in fascinating pursuits outside of the office.  People like Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah, whose large talent and imagination is impressive. During the day, she works as a federal inspection officer who reviews and […]