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EU Film Festival must-see: Latvia’s Rocks in My Pockets

As the European Union film festival comes to a close, I highly recommend Thursday night’s animated feature, Rocks in My Pockets. The artist-director Signe Baumane says, “I sometimes call it ‘a funny film about depression’ but it is not always funny and not always about depression. It is a family’s history of mental breakdowns from […]

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Les suggestions @Basement819

Winter is here (yuck) and so is the weekend (yay)! For those of you who have not begun your winter hibernation just yet, there is plenty to do out-and-about in Ottawa. Keep warm this weekend with a glass of bourbon, at the first ever Ottawa Bourbon Week, which kicks off this Friday night at Two […]

The Gilded Cage, a Portuguese comedy at the EU film festival

The European Union Film Festival kicked off on the 13th with a lineup that highlights the best and never-before-seen-in-Ottawa contemporary cinema from – you guessed it, the European Union. The festival showcases 27 films in 23 languages over 18 days – possibly the most diverse fest of its kind. Screenings take place in the auditorium […]

Basement 819 du 5 novembre 2014 :: 25 ans après la chute du mur de Berlin > Les prémisses de la guerre froide à Ottawa? Suggestion théâtre “Deux” de Mani Soleymanlou au CNA! + Concerts et nouveautés musicales!

Basement 819 proposera dorénavant une série de chroniques historiques afin de vous faire revivre d’importants moments de l’histoire de la grande région d’Ottawa et Gatineau. Cette semaine, nous commémorons les 25 ans de la chute du mur de Berlin. Éric s’est penché sur l’histoire d’Igor Gouzenko, ancien fonctionnaire à l’ambassade soviétique d’Ottawa entre 1943 et […]

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Food and Wine ticket giveaway

This first weekend of November has much in store for us Ottawans. This weekend is full of local visual arts love. Thursday brings about the final show at The Studio Cafe. Artist Crystal Beshara will be showing her series of watercolour and oil paintings of Newfoundland, inspired by her visit out East in 2013. The […]

Basement 819 du 29 octobre 2014 :: Claude Munson en vedette. Karaoké d’Halloween et costume de poulet.

Basement 819 s’enrichit chaque mois d’une prestation d’un artiste qu’on veut voir briller sous tous les feux de toutes les rampes du monde. Claude Munson fait partie de ceux-là. Nous avons eu la chance de vivre l’enregistrement de deux nouvelles chansons au Château Cyr et de surcroît, d’obtenir une entrevue avec l’intime mais pas personnel […]

Three short films resonate at OIFF

This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Ottawa International Film Festival and all screenings took place at the iconic Mayfair Theatre. Over the course of four days, twenty-five narrative features, short films, and documentaries from all corners of the world were showcased. Although it was almost impossible to choose just one film, I decided […]

Weekend Roundup: What to do + Introducing Les suggestions @Basement819

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s plenty of fun to be had in preparation for next week’s festivities. We’ve got everything from Poutinefest to beatboxing burlesque to keep yourself entertained and warm this weekend, so let’s get started. Want to take in some art and culture this weekend? John Wenzel is Exhibiting all […]

Tru Love opens the upcoming InsideOut Film Fest

This light romantic film is also a definite tearjerker if you’re sensitive or oblivious to foreshadowing. It’s the story of three women whose lives intersect serendipitously and intertwine to bring about credible character change. The heart does crack open through heartbreak; if you’ve never experienced this kind of loss, then you may not fully understand […]

Basement 819 du 15 octobre :: Y a de quoi sortir de son cocon en fin de semaine :: Cinéma. Théâtre. Littérature. Concerts.

Basement 819 cette semaine insiste sur deux événements très prestigieux. Lisez bien ce qui suit. Cinéma :: Festival international de films d’Ottawa (16-19 octobre) Nous n’avons pu nous retenir de vous inciter à nouveau à scruter la programmation du Festival international de films d’Ottawa. Un court-métrage inusité sera présenté le samedi 18 octobre à 19h, […]