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The Good Son: A Finnish premiere in Ottawa

Director Zaida Bergroth’s second feature is a must-see. Cinematographically stunning, this is a complex drama about family life, focusing on a mutually destructive relationship between a mother and her oldest son. Leila is an actress that compulsively seeks attention, positive or negative. Always entertaining, she is surrounded by scandal. Accompanied by her two sons, she […]

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire ce weekend?

The snow just keeps coming down, and the temperature refuses to rise – even though many Ottawa residents are fed up with wet feet and cold noses. This has been a huge week for events like Megaphono, and the events just keep on coming as we look to distract ourselves until spring arrives. All weekend […]

The Excursionist at the Bright Nights Film Festival

The Canadian Film Institute brings international contemporary cinema to town in partnership with Winterlude and the Baltic and Nordic countries. This year marks the 5th Baltic-Nordic Film Festival. Eight countries will be showcasing their best features from Friday, February 6 to Saturday, February 14 at Carleton University’s River Building. One movie per night will play […]

Basement 819 du 28 janvier 2015 :: Entrevue avec l’illustre Philippe B. Chronique historique : le canal Rideau. Entrevue avec Raphaël Potvin du groupe Caravane. MEGAPHONO : un festival de musique bilingue!

Basement 819 a ratissé large cette semaine. Le calendrier culturel déborde d’événements et de prestations francophones! On revit les Mille et une Nuits! Écoutez notre podcast pour tout tout savoir! Entrevue avec l’illustre Philippe B Nous avons appris la semaine dernière que Philippe B était en nomination aux prix Juno dans la catégorie Album francophone […]

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Le weekend @Basement819

Less than a month till Christmas, and already we’re alternating between snowfall and flooding. The true Canadian way is to persevere through the most bipolar of weather, and the best method of forgetting your dwindling bank account is to get out and do things! Let’s start off with what the musical community has to offer […]


Basement 819 du 26 novembre 2014 :: Paint Nite ou comment délivrer l’artiste qui sommeille en vous. Figureworks et l’art humain. La Belgique à l’honneur au CNA. Et tellement +

Basement 819 ne vous laissera pas sans rien faire en fin de semaine. C’est novembre, il fait froid avant le temps, nous décrétons donc que le début du weekend commence le jeudi. C’est comme ça. Éric part le bal cette semaine avec une première chronique d’art visuel à son actif. Tel un poisson dans l’eau, […]

EU Film Festival must-see: Latvia’s Rocks in My Pockets

As the European Union film festival comes to a close, I highly recommend Thursday night’s animated feature, Rocks in My Pockets. The artist-director Signe Baumane says, “I sometimes call it ‘a funny film about depression’ but it is not always funny and not always about depression. It is a family’s history of mental breakdowns from […]

Weekend Roundup: What to do in Ottawa + Les suggestions @Basement819

Winter is here (yuck) and so is the weekend (yay)! For those of you who have not begun your winter hibernation just yet, there is plenty to do out-and-about in Ottawa. Keep warm this weekend with a glass of bourbon, at the first ever Ottawa Bourbon Week, which kicks off this Friday night at Two […]

The Gilded Cage, a Portuguese comedy at the EU film festival

The European Union Film Festival kicked off on the 13th with a lineup that highlights the best and never-before-seen-in-Ottawa contemporary cinema from – you guessed it, the European Union. The festival showcases 27 films in 23 languages over 18 days – possibly the most diverse fest of its kind. Screenings take place in the auditorium […]

Basement 819 du 5 novembre 2014 :: 25 ans après la chute du mur de Berlin > Les prémisses de la guerre froide à Ottawa? Suggestion théâtre “Deux” de Mani Soleymanlou au CNA! + Concerts et nouveautés musicales!

Basement 819 proposera dorénavant une série de chroniques historiques afin de vous faire revivre d’importants moments de l’histoire de la grande région d’Ottawa et Gatineau. Cette semaine, nous commémorons les 25 ans de la chute du mur de Berlin. Éric s’est penché sur l’histoire d’Igor Gouzenko, ancien fonctionnaire à l’ambassade soviétique d’Ottawa entre 1943 et […]