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Sights & Sounds

Exhibition: Linger and Lure at Wall Space Gallery

Brenda Dunn: If you’ve been feeling hectic and want a breath of fresh air, the current pairing at Wall Space Gallery is set to soothe. Crystal Beshara and Sharon Kelly pair up lovely synchronized palettes and even some crossover in subject matter. Their dual show L I N G E R AND L U R E is a luxurious collection of coastal landscapes, oceanic palettes, abstracts and florals.

Exhibition: Impressionist Treasures at the National Gallery of Canada—until 09.09.18

Impressionist Treasures: The Ordrupgaard Collection gives us a glimpse of one of Europe’s most beautiful but lesser-known collections. Through 60 paintings, it traces the progression of 19th century French painting from the Barbizon School and realism, to post-impressionism, including works by French masters Monet, Courbet, Manet, Matisse and Renoir, among others.