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Vote now for your favourite: the 72-hour film challenge

If the Ottawa International Film Festival’s 72-Hour Film Challenge was a blog post, it might look a little somethin’ like this: “Hey, it’s Ryder!” proclaimed a voice in the nerd crowd at an Ottawa IT Fashion Week soirée. At the sound of his distinctive southern drawl, I jumped up immediately, surprised that my friend was […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa!

Home reno fanatics, this is the weekend for you – start dreaming about those spring projects! If your humble abode is already pretty great (or your landlord wouldn’t look kindly on tearing down walls or building additions), you’ll also have plenty to keep you occupied… I know that many Centretowners have a fear of crossing […]

B’ball + Parlovr = Awesomeness!

This Friday, Carleton University Athletics is managing to merge two of my favourite things in one awesome night: rock’n’roll and basketball. The event, dubbed “Ravenspalooza Part Deux,” kicks off that evening with Montreal band Parlovr rocking The Fieldhouse, followed by the Ravens undefeated men’s basketball team taking on Laurentian in Alumni Hall. Alex Cooper from […]

Bode Spa for Men: We got the dirt on guys getting clean

For Daniel Francoeur, owner of Bode Spa for Men, the biggest obstacle to his business isn’t competition, but stereotypes. Visiting a spa isn’t about cucumbers on the eyes and gossiping with your friends, regardless of what you’ve learned from Reese Witherspoon films or the epic saga of Carrie Bradshaw. It’s about fitness, hygiene, and health, […]

Voting is now open in the Apps 4 Ottawa contest

We all know that it’s just a matter of time until Skynet takes control of the city and makes us all slaves in the robot army. I tend to take the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach… You now have an opportunity to embrace the growing role of machines in our lives with […]

Apt613 Guide to getting a bike on the cheap.

Post by Dev Marr Picking your first bike (or simply a replacement bike) can be a daunting task. If I hadn’t had help from a friend I wouldn’t have known where to start. In fact, even if I had known where to start, having a friend come along to give a second opinion is always […]

urbanfête: A Paper Party!

To some people, this admission will come as no surprise: I love paper. Not your everyday white 90lb 8.5 x11, but paper – printed, patterned, textured paper. I learned this love of all things pulp from a dear friend, who is also one of the best card makers I’ve ever met. She was the one […]

Weekend roundup

So you’ve survived the crippling heat of this week’s soaring temperatures, and finally have enough energy again to actually move around without breaking into a sweat. What to do? If you discovered that your entire wardrobe was best suited for winter, head to the 3rd annual Love the Clothes, Hate the Cancer clothing swap. Or, […]

Ravenswings Craft and Zine Fair

The Ravensing Craft and Zine Fair has become an Ottawa Spring tradition. Every year, a group of eclectic artisans and artists converge on Minto Park (Elgin and Gilmour) to sell their wares, talk with other craftspeople and enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather. Don’t expect doilies and barbie doll toilet paper covers here; Ravenswing’s goods range […]

Weekend roundup

Hey Ottawans – it’s May Day weekend! While we may not celebrate by dancing around a large pole with ribbons, there are still many ways to mark this occasion (and be thankful you’re not living in Calgary – at least for today). Do you remember seeing large groups of people on the street at this […]

Ottawa Writers Fest: a novel idea! (Plus, free tickets!)

By long-time Ottawan Samantha Everts, who ended up out west for love but quickly came back to the city she truly adores. It’s that time of year again!  Yes, friends, April 22-27 is the time when dozens of brilliant writers crawl out of their offices and studies into the spotlight to answer their dear readers’ […]

Weekend round up

You’ve got your days filled with scavenging for treasures – but how to fill your evenings this weekend? Well, Hawksley is coming to the Bronson Centre if you’re interested. (And you should be!) And the next installment of the Blackbox Concert Series is on Sunday, featuring guitar virtuoso Don Ross. Giant Hand will be taking […]

Weekend round up

So this long weekend is feeling awfully like the May two-four weekend – summer-like weather, open patios, lots of sunshine… If you don’t have the usual May camping trips organized, however, you’ll be fine: there’s still plenty to do out and about in Ottawa. First off: Ottawa Roller Derby is hosting Roller Disco on Saturday […]

Weekend round up

It’s been a busy week here on the blog – we’ve been posting like mad and had some great meetings with contributors. So while some of us here might just want to kick back, eat sushi and play Perudo, for those of you hankering to go out on the town, there’s plenty to do this […]

Roadtrip makes a strong impression

The people behind Trustfund opened a new store on Feb. 27 with cheaper goods and smaller price tags. (We like). Roadtrip is located right next to the expanded Planet Coffee behind Librairie Le Soleil at 24b York St. The store is bigger, brighter and carries products similar in style to its up scale sibling featuring […]