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Weekend roundup: things to do around O-town

These successive rain days have successfully seemed to put a damper on the city – the smallest glimpse of sun seems to get everyone excited. So take advantage of the hot, hot rays this weekend and get out to discover more about your neighbourhood. The yearly Jane’s Walk festival is on Saturday and Sunday, so […]

Weekend roundup: things to do in Ottawa

Let’s get right to it, Ottawa! Start your pre-weekend off right and head to Raw Sugar to see Zac Crouse and Steve Gates tonight – or head over to Mavericks to see Maybe Smith (who will hopefully come back to town again and again). For Friday, if you’ve been missing the early ’90s of late […]

Dust on the Throttle: Crazy ladies take on the Mongol Rally

Post by Kim Bosch The Mongol Rally: a 10,000 mile drive from central UK to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. This ain’t no jaunty ride along the trans-Canadian highway. The journey (whichever way you choose to undertake it) tackles some of the most massive mountains, desolate deserts and heinous “roads” in the world. Which might leave you […]

I challenge you! Duelling Chefs 2011

By Chris Cline and Yasmin Nissim This Monday night local chefs will ‘meat’ their match in a head to head, high-‘steaks’ cook-off extravaganza! The Duelling Chefs return for a second year to entice attendees with fast-paced culinary creations from some of Ottawa’s top gastronomic gurus. Last year, Juniper Wine Bar and Kitchen launched the first […]

Weekend roundup: Stuff to do in YOW!

I may be biased, but I think our city has one of the best airport codes – which naturally is why the name of this unconference tonight is so great. And the content will be, too! Also tonight? Danko Jones down at the Capital Music Hall – some serious rockin’ will go down there. On […]

Attention craftsters: Get creative with CPAWS-OV and Wabi Sabi for Earth Day 2011

Post by Allison The Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS-OV) is teaming up with Wabi Sabi to get crafty for Earth Day 2011. To raise awareness about wildlife and wilderness in Ontario (and the need to protect it!), CPAWS-OV and Wabi Sabi are inviting volunteers to knit, crochet, felt, sew, […]

The Lab: Inventing the perfect play at undercurrents

Andrea Grant is a volunteer facilitator for The Lab, and she is looking forward to colLABorating with Apt613 readers before and in-between undercurrents shows. If you led a theatre company, how would you design the perfect play? Is it even possible to create such a “perfect play”? If so, how could you incorporate a whack […]

Wed By Hand returns – plus, win free tickets!

Head to the end of the post to discover how you and your sweetheart (or your best person) can win two free tickets to the Wed By Hand show! While the weather outside may crush any dreams of summer sunshine and fragrant bouquets, there’s a chance for a sneak preview of the summer wedding season […]

Vote now for your favourite: the 72-hour film challenge

If the Ottawa International Film Festival’s 72-Hour Film Challenge was a blog post, it might look a little somethin’ like this: “Hey, it’s Ryder!” proclaimed a voice in the nerd crowd at an Ottawa IT Fashion Week soirée. At the sound of his distinctive southern drawl, I jumped up immediately, surprised that my friend was […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa!

Home reno fanatics, this is the weekend for you – start dreaming about those spring projects! If your humble abode is already pretty great (or your landlord wouldn’t look kindly on tearing down walls or building additions), you’ll also have plenty to keep you occupied… I know that many Centretowners have a fear of crossing […]

B’ball + Parlovr = Awesomeness!

This Friday, Carleton University Athletics is managing to merge two of my favourite things in one awesome night: rock’n’roll and basketball. The event, dubbed “Ravenspalooza Part Deux,” kicks off that evening with Montreal band Parlovr rocking The Fieldhouse, followed by the Ravens undefeated men’s basketball team taking on Laurentian in Alumni Hall. Alex Cooper from […]

Bode Spa for Men: We got the dirt on guys getting clean

For Daniel Francoeur, owner of Bode Spa for Men, the biggest obstacle to his business isn’t competition, but stereotypes. Visiting a spa isn’t about cucumbers on the eyes and gossiping with your friends, regardless of what you’ve learned from Reese Witherspoon films or the epic saga of Carrie Bradshaw. It’s about fitness, hygiene, and health, […]

Voting is now open in the Apps 4 Ottawa contest

We all know that it’s just a matter of time until Skynet takes control of the city and makes us all slaves in the robot army. I tend to take the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach… You now have an opportunity to embrace the growing role of machines in our lives with […]

Apt613 Guide to getting a bike on the cheap.

Post by Dev Marr Picking your first bike (or simply a replacement bike) can be a daunting task. If I hadn’t had help from a friend I wouldn’t have known where to start. In fact, even if I had known where to start, having a friend come along to give a second opinion is always […]

urbanfête: A Paper Party!

To some people, this admission will come as no surprise: I love paper. Not your everyday white 90lb 8.5 x11, but paper – printed, patterned, textured paper. I learned this love of all things pulp from a dear friend, who is also one of the best card makers I’ve ever met. She was the one […]