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Weekend roundup: The summer continues

Too many people are calling this weekend the last hurrah of summer – but the fall equinox ain’t ’til September 23, folks. So let’s just refer to this as the Labour Day Extravaganza or something with a bit of extra pep, and dwell on the fact that we’ve still got a few hot days ahead! […]

Urban Craft: Ottawa gets a monthly craft market

Ottawa’s burgeoning craft scene pops up every now and again at various craft shows – most of which fall in late November or early December, when gift-giving season starts sneaking up on us. But what about the rest of the year? While a few stores around town carry bits of local creativity, it’s always seemed […]

Weekend roundup: Stuff to do in Ottawa!

It’s been a busy week in this town – while August seems to be a nice, quiet month, it always seems to pack a punch and give a few unexpected wallops to remind us it’s here, and it’s actually a lot of fun. So here are a few things that you can do to give […]

Vote for your favourite t-shirt design – starting now!

The time has come to make your vote count once again. We got a great response for our call for designs in our first-ever t-shirt contest (we’d like to thank everyone who submitted a design), and the editors of Apt613 had a hard time narrowing down the submissions to the top 10. Now it’s up […]

The Dirty Rectangles and the art of the indie video game

Post by Travis Boisvenue, whose story on Ottawa video game collective Dirty Rectangles originally appeared at OpenFile Ottawa. Canada is no stranger to independent video games. The movement of art-focused, largely unfinanced video game designers has produced some of the most critically acclaimed games of the decade. And Canada is home to award-winning indie studios […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa

Hey Ottawans, looking for some weekend plans? The Weekend Roundup has its magnifying glass out, its trusty bloodhound at its side, and is on the case. This is one mystery we’re not going to let go unsolved. Starting with music: there ain’t no party like a B.A. Johnston party, because a B.A. Johnston party just […]

Finally, a new shoe store that (hopefully) doesn’t suck

The people behind ByWard Market fashion innovators Schad (and SchadBlü) are bringing a new shoe store to Ottawa later this summer. Wolf & Zed is scheduled to open on Sussex the weekend of Aug 8-9. Having spent a good part of the last 24 hours debating if I should keep the olive green Tory Burch […]

Get yourself pretty: a how-to on making your own fabulous fascinators

Post by Karen Diepeveen and Diane Bond. Photographs by Trevor Pritchard. There are a few of us at Apt613 HQ who will jump on any DIY or crafty project (and maybe just one person who is really talented in this area… The rest of us just think we are.) And so, when we found out […]

Pan-Am Cup brings volleyball powerhouses to Gatineau

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. By Vera Grbic When I think of Apt613, I think of all things cultural. Sports do not come immediately to mind. However, as a long-standing culture and sports enthusiast, I think the two should more often coalesce. Then I realize that there may be a reason for the separation, at least […]

Apartment Crush: Mélanie & Steven

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Post by Dominic and Nancy Having just returned after a month of travel (many apologies for the lull in posts), I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of home.  What is that unidentifiable quality that makes a house or apartment feel like a home, even to a stranger?  Whatever it […]

The great Apt613 t-shirt design contest! Inciting sectarian conflict since 2011

If there’s one thing we learned in this year’s March Madness Neighborhood Wars, it’s that Ottawa’s appearance of unity is just a polite facade covering deep-seated sectarian divisions. Some of these are geographical: members of the Hintonburg Army will turn at the drop of a hat to verbally savage what it views to be weaker […]

Dear Interweb: Where should I go to catch Game 7?

The interweb is a series of magical strings invented by Al Gore in the 1990s. Through our ‘Dear Interweb’ column, Apt613 will use its awesome powers to poll its readers on questions of import. If you have a query to make to the interwebs, screw Google – ask Apt613 readers by emailing apartment613 [at] gmail […]

More fashion, less victim: BumpIt or dump it, expiration and trip preparation

Jes Lacasse is a wardrobe consultant who knows style. She grew up absorbing Vogue, studied costume design and fashion history, and thinks about clothes all the time. Jes does personal styling and shopping for private clients and dabbles in lifestyle design. If you have questions about fashion, she wants to answer them — please e-mail […]

Weekend Roundup: Planning your weekend fun since January 2010

Hey Ottawans, looking to get into some trouble this weekend? Good thing you’ve ended up at the Weekend Roundup, then,  where we’re unloading a bunch of mint condition troublemaking possibilities at bargain-basement prices. No good offer will be refused! (Sorry, I’m still in Great Glebe Garage Sale mode, apparently.) It takes a certain bravado to […]