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Weekly News Quiz: Canada Day Edition

For today’s weekly news quiz, we skip the news and for some patriotic trivia. Test your knowledge of our nation’s capital with this special nine question edition of our Weekly News Quiz. Many of the questions for today’s quiz came from Ottawa: The Unknown City by Rob Mcleannan. How to score 9 correct: The spirit […]

Video of the week: Refugee Rights by Ikenna Onyegbula

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> We don’t often talk federal politics on Apt613, but we thought this topic was important because it’s not just about politics, but also human rights. When the Canadian government announced it was implementing cuts to health insurance for refugees, it created a big backlash among many groups – from new […]

Weekly News Quiz: How well do you know your city?

Think you are up to date about local happenings? Test your knowledge with our local news quiz, five questions designed to test whether you’ve been paying attention. How to score: 5 out of 5: News stud! I hear The Citizen is hiring… 4 out of 5: Cheater! You work at City Hall. 3 out of […]

Weekly News Quiz: How well do you know our city?

Think you are up to date about local happenings? Test your knowledge with our local news quiz, five questions designed to test whether you’ve been paying attention. How to score: 5 out of 5: News stud! Can I have your number… 4 out of 5: You are officially in the know. 3 out of 5: […]

Watson giving speech

He’s Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa. Ask him anything

Head over to Reddit today and ask Mayor Jim Watson anything. There were already a bunch of questions this morning and you can add yours to the list now. He’ll be online from 12-1pm, so you can spend you lunch hour checking out the answers.  Find it all in the /r/Ottawa subReddit.

Scary Bear Soundtrack launches new music video, takes two year hiatus

Usually ‘rock star’ and ‘human rights lawyer’ aren’t two vocations you’d think would go together. The former involves lots of tireless practice, touring, performances, and maybe the odd trashed hotel room. The latter involves representing people in cases of poverty, racial and sexual discrimination and domestic abuse, and, if your name is Gloria Guns, going […]

The Ottawa Media Co-op: Journalism beyond the mainstream

Frustrated by the narrow perspective portrayed in the mainstream media, a group of local activists is operating a news site dedicated to independent journalism. The Ottawa Media Co-op is a grassroots online publication that allows alternative reporters to post stories, videos, audio clips or photographs online. In order to participate, all you have to do […]

U.S. Electioneering in Ottawa

United States President Barack Obama will likely be re-elected to a second term. The Apartment 613 election team has come to this conclusion after spending countless hours reviewing polls, early voting numbers, demographic patterns and other relevant statistics. As Canada’s capital city, our town is filled with political junkies. Being the friendly neighbours that we […]

Weekly news review – Mayor takes a gamble with OLG, Elizabeth Fry questions birth in Ottawa jail, Ottawa finally to be home to an H&M and more!

City Hall was buzzing this week with the debate over whether Ottawa should consider a proposal for a new casino from OLG. Many thought that the debate lacked the time or nuance required and addiction experts spoke out about the harmful effects a casino might have on the population. Council passed the motion with a […]

Apartment 613 Live for September 5, 2012

Listen here or on iTunes. This week, Trevor and Jared join forces to bring you a show chock-full of goodness. First up is an interview with Ian Campeau, who has recently been making headlines with his campaign to change the name of the Nepean Redskins. His stance against the team’s name has been churning up […]

On renaming and rebranding Centretown

You might have heard that a recently-launched campaign celebrating an entity called “South Central Ottawa” as “the next great hood” has turned a lot of heads, especially among residents of the neighbourhood itself. What’s wrong with a little community spirit? First point: the world already has a South Central . But that’s neither here nor […]

Is Ottawa Ready To Roll The Dice On A Downtown Casino?

In March of this year, talks of bringing a casino within Ottawa city limits were back on the table after the Ontario government announced a decision to begin accepting private-sector bids for the establishment. The news made headlines, and it seemed like everyone had an opinion on the whereabouts of the casino and if having one in […]

Wanted: Home for Bridge to Gatineau

Post by Olivia Crossman Seldom do issues ignite passion in suburban residents like the plan to build a sixth inter-provincial bridge linking Ottawa and Gatineau in the city’s east end. On the evening of June 12th, large crowds gathered at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orléans. A public consultation was hosted by the National Capital […]