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Bank St. woes continue: Tommy & Lefebvre burns down

Geez, I’m really hoping this does not become a regular trend, but yet again Bank St. has suffered a harsh blow with last night’s fire of Tommy & Lefebvre, the popular sports goods store. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but its clear that the store is a complete loss. The […]


Bank Street Takes Another Hit – Gina’s Cafe Closes, soon replaced?

UPDATE: Word on the street (the renovation permit posted on the window) is that Talay Thai Restaurant will be opening at some point in the future at the old Gina’s location. Happy, sad?  You let us know. ——— It looks like the economy is claiming another victim on Bank Street, as the staple breakfast/ lunch […]

Say bye bye to the “Gods of Rock”

I wasn’t even going to write about these ads; I would see them on the street and thought to myself, these are stupid and verging on offensive. It might actually be the graffiti that’s been added on so many of them that make them funny. But then, just last week, a slightly different version of […]

Photo courtesy of dotbenjamin on Flickr.

Updated: Apparently it wasn’t God that brokered a deal in the bus strike

UPDATE: Citing concerns about “additional controversy,” OC Transpo has refused to run the atheist ads on Ottawa’s buses and the city’s committee in charge of the transist system has declined to override the decision. It looks like the next stop for the Athiest bus will the nation’s capital, as the Freethought Association of Canada announced […]

O-town = Obama town

The city is all abuzz about President Obama’s drop-in tomorrow. If you’re a driver or a buser, watch out for road closures downtown around the Hill – and expect delays. There are tentative plans for a rally on Parliament Hill, although it’s not clear whether security will allow it. Word has it there will be […]


Apartment613 Week in Review, February 9-15: plot thickens in OC Transpo incentives, Oatway killer gets life, med students found safe and more

Transit windfall turns into deficit: The city’s treasurer reported that the expected windfall the city was to experience from the bus strike had turned into a deficit of $13.4 million due to planned incentives to bring riders back and lost revenue. In other news… OC Transpo ridership incentive program pulled back: the city council voted […]

Glen’s Chip Truck closed for February

Glen’s Chip Truck in Westboro is closed for the month of Suckuary February. I hope Glen is going somewhere warm to rejuvinate and he’ll be back in Ottawa ready to make more tasty treats for us in March. In the meantime, The Diner is only a couple blocks away and offers greasy comfort food with […]

It’s over! Let them roll again.

The transit strike is (almost) over! The City of Ottawa and the OC Transpo workers union have reached a tentative deal to end one of the longest transit strikes in Canada.  Both city council and union membership need to make things official before the buses start running again. It was announced that all issues that […]

A small, not so angry, mob

It’s Day 48 of the Ottawa OC Transpo strike and some citizens are more than fed up. A number of protests were organized today, starting from the Ottawa City Hall  and leading up the Parliament, where conveniently government reconvened today for first time since it was prorogued by the Governor General in December. It may […]

This Year’s Must-Have Accessory: The Deficit

My current budget priority is to save for a pony. Ottawa Center MP Paul Dewar hopes that next week’s federal budget, which will include a 34 billion dollar deficit, will involve less horse manure. From 10am to 2pm this Saturday, January 24th, Dewar is organizing a Community Dialogue on Economic Priorities at the Bronson Center […]

HOT Wine Buy at the LCBO

Often times folks scoff at how much wine costs us here at the LCBO – when south of the border you are paying about half for exactly the same product. This week however, the LCBO is offering a crazy deal on what I think is a decent wine. Yellow Jersey wines, a Merlot, Pinot Noir, […]