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Audio Visual meets Apartment613

I’m Peter Henderson, and I’m one half of the team behind Audio Visual, a weekly arts and culture radio show that plays Wednesdays from 12-1pm on CHUO FM 89.1, the University of Ottawa’s community radio station. A weekly podcast (with archives) is now being hosted here at Apartment613, and our latest show will be updated […]

Thanks Glebites and Glebe posers

Our little stand at the corner of O’Connor and Second Avenue raised $215 Saturday. We say “raised” because the money is going to our bandwidth fund. We met lots of friendly people and our apartments are now slightly less crowded. We worked our sales pitches: “buy a knife, settle your domestic disputes;” “support Stéphane Dion, […]

Ottawa: (16th) Best Place To Live in the World

If you’ve ever lived in Vancouver — or met a Vancouverite — you’ve probably heard a lot about the great “quality of life” in that city. You’re probably also aware that some international organization somewhere at one point ranked Vancouver as the #1 city  to live in, worldwide. Vancouverites love to remind you about these […]

Help Save I (heart) Music from SOCAN

This post by Justin Beach of is reproduced with permission under a Creative Commons license agreement. Make sure to check North by East West, it’s an awesome Canadian music blog. I (heart) Music is based out of Ottawa, they put on great shows and we want to see them continue to exist and grow. […]

The Larry O’Brien trial: And so it all begins.

What’s that, you say? Political intrigue in Ottawa? I know, it’s shocking. The smelling salts are in the cabinet on your left. To be fair, however, most of Ottawa’s political scandals are of the federal variety. So when the mayor is charged with allegedly offering a parole board appointment to one of his right-leaning competitors […]


Guest Post: Transit Tunnel Drama Unfolds in Ottawa

Apartment613 is pleased to offer a take on the new transit tunnel plan today from David McClelland of the Ottawa Project. You’ll also hear him discuss the tunnel on CBC Radio.  If you have comments on the proposal please leave us a comment! With the release of a proposed route and stations for Ottawa’s future […]

Courtesy of terren in Virginia at flickr.

Winners of Sci-Fi Spectacular Tickets

The hat was dusted off, slips of paper were torn and folded and the winners were finally chosen. Apartment613 gave away two pairs of tickets courtesy of the NAC this morning to the CTV Pop’s Sci-Fi Spectacular. The contestants had to let us know their favourite sci-fi music moment, and while Star Wars and John […]


Weekly News Review: Richard Florida loves Ottawa-Gatineau, Ottawans are still taking the bus, Obligatory helmets for skateboarders? and trying to get Lansdowne Live! done

Ottawa: One Great City! Well-known urban studies theorist, Richard Florida, has named Ottawa-Gatineau  as the best city in Canada for mid-career people, families and retirees to live in, as well as one of the top three cities for singles and empty-nesters, in his latest book, Who’s Your City? In addition to this, he claims that […]


Weekly News Review: No new stadium in Ottawa and Tamils protests at Parliament Hill

The Ottawa municipal government decided to give a thumbs down to both Eugene Melnyk’s Kanata stadium plan as well as Lansdowne Live’s stadium plan. As David Reevely from Greater Ottawa has stated, the Melnyk Kanata stadium would probably be more profitable for the city in the long run, but it does not solve the “Lansdowne […]


Weekly news review: 3-way race for Mayor? Genie Awards in Ottawa, Denis Rancourt fired by U of O, T&L bounces back, Both 67s and Senators out of playoffs.

  Ottawa city councillor, Alex Cullen, has announced that he will be running for mayor in the upcoming 2010 municipal elections. Many pundits praise his knowledge of City Hall but believe that his left- leaning tendencies will scare off voters. Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Densey sees a three-way race between Cullen, Alta Vista councillor Peter […]

Photo courtesy of TedRheingold on Flickr.

Twitterrhea Outbreak in Ottawa

April 1, 2009. A warning has gone out in the capital region after an outbreak of Twitterrhea hit the Ottawa community. The Public Health Agency of Canada warns that if the infection is not soon put under control, an epidemic of huge porportions may soon face the city and  surrounding regions. Although the origins of […]