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The Conference Board thinks Ottawa's pretty sexy

Few cities can resist the urge to engage in a little my-skyscrapers-are-bigger-than-yours style one-upmanship. Of course, it helps to have a little documentation on your side. Thanks to the latest Conference Board report, City Magnets II: Benchmarking the Attractiveness of 50 Canadian Cities, Ottawa can now claim to be better looking than both Toronto and […]

The Apartment613 Blogger Consultation on Budget 2010

If there is one thing that the blogging community is known for, it is speaking their minds. Leading into the City of Ottawa’s 2010 budget process, the editorial team at Apartment613 is working to compile a list of concerns, ideas and suggestions for Ottawa’s budget from local blog readers-extraordinaire. Send us your thoughts by email […]

The City of Ottawa 2010 Budget: Have your say!

The people of Ottawa have an important voice on the proposed 2010 municipal budget: their own. Public consultation is more important than ever in the new budget process, and it’s up to you to let your city councillors know what’s on your mind. Check out the budget breakdown below, call your city councillor, or use […]

The Day the Music Died: Bring Back the Hartman's Piano!

If you live or work anywhere near Centretown, you’ve probably frequented the Hartman’s Independant Grocer on Bank Street. It’s likely that you noticed that there was something especially nice about this otherwise typical big box store.  It wasn’t the produce, or the selection, or especially not the prices. It was the fact that in this […]

Five Sens headed to Vancouver Olympics

A friend of mine recently commented that Apt613 needed to beef up its sports section. Not a bad idea, I thought. With most of the hockey nations announcing their rosters in the past couple of weeks I decided to have a look at the Sens that will be representing their various teams in Vancouver. Before […]

Weekly News Review: Holiday Break Edition

The month of December has kept Ottawa firefighters busy with no less than 26 fires – ranging from flames in the kitchen to blazes in highrise apartments, including one that killed two residents of a building. Dalton McGuinty gave us some good news a couple of weeks ago when he confirmed that the Ontario government […]

Prepping for the LCBO Strike: Where to buy booze

Update 2: So it turns out that it may not be legal to transport alcohol across provincial boundaries, therefore apartment613 does not condone this activity and would caution you to please consult a legal expert before moving any beverages from the SAQ into Ottawa Update: The LCBO and the Union have delayed a strike until […]

Feats of Great Lake Swimming on display in Ottawa

We at the Apartment613 Society for the Appreciation of Maritime Feats have long been impressed by the great lake swimming of Tony Dekker and his bandmates. Who can forget the time in 2007 when – carrying a mandolin, a slide guitar, and a single snare drum on their backs – they managed to traverse the […]

Cultural revival in Orleans: Shenkman Arts Centre Grand Opening

Is Orleans revitalizing its cultural and arts scenes? It would seem like  it with the opening of the Shenkman Arts Centre and the development of the Orléans Town Centre. According to the City of Ottawa website, “The Shenkman Arts Centre will deliver a unique cultural hub to East-End residents in their own community, while the […]

Weekly News Review: Party recovery (summer has arrived!), Bixi bikes in Ottawa and Gatineau, biofuel from wheat straw in Ottawa!, new public library on the way, Heatley wants out

My apologies for the tardiness of this week’s WNR, I am still recovering from the Apartment613 launch party. Thanks to all that came! If you missed it, our friend Jesse has posted some awesome photos of the night, so you can live vicariously through Flickr. We can safely say that Summer has arrived in Ottawa. […]

Another coffee shop in the Glebe

A couple of months ago, the Timothy’s on the corner of Bank and Fifth shut down. While I never like seeing a business fold, I thought that this would be a good opportunity for another type of business to expand or to settle in the area. Perhaps Kardish – the neighbouring bulk food store – could […]

Weekly News Review: Feds and province give $375 M to Ottawa for infrastructure projects, the NCR loses 3,300 jobs in May, the NAC turns 40, Gatineau’s new Ecocentre

Federal and provincial governments have given $375 million to Ottawa for short-term infrastructure projects. The money will pay, in part, for road work, improvements to the city’s Transitway and library upgrades. To be noted, $38 million to build a tunnel to connect light rail with rapid transit was set aside. While this is a step […]