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L-R: Lee Pepper, Councillors Catherine McKenney,  Tobi Nussbaum and Jeff Leiper. Photo courtesy of CCOC.

CCOC talks with Councillor Jeff Leiper

On May 19th, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC), at its Annual General Meeting, hosted a panel of city councillors. As a CCOC Board member, I was fortunate to have the opportunities to quiz the councillors about their opinions on topics ranging from zoning to gender dynamics to citizen engagement. What followed was a lively discussion among Councillors Catherine McKenney […]

Green Bean and Orange Salad. It looks like a regular salad but the hazelnut oil makes it outstanding. All photos courtesy of the author.

Hello My Name Is… Green Bean

Every Saturday, check in to find out WTF is in season and WTF to do with all that local goodness. So the good news is that this bean salad is a stunner. The bad news? You probably don’t have hazelnut oil kicking around and therefore this recipe will give you sticker shock. Hazelnut oil is […]

Hope Found: A way out of the sex trade

May marked the end of sexual assault prevention month, a time to reflect on the troubling statistics of sexual violence and raise awareness for victim services. But what exactly constitutes a sexual assault? Ontario’s #ItsNeverOkay action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment, describes sexual violence as: Any sexual act or attempt to obtain a […]

Photo by John Tann on Flickr.

Hello My Name Is… Nettle

Every Saturday, check in to find out WTF is in season and WTF to do with all that local goodness. This week, I set about gathering stinging nettle (or stinging metal as a certain Lastborn calls it).  Nettles are full of vitamins and because they are one of the first greens available each year, they […]

The old sound board at CHUO 89.1 FM at the University of Ottawa. Photo by Trevor in the Apt613 Flickr Pool.

Registration open for DIY Audio Tech Workshop for Women

Soundboards can seem intimidating to many people who are less familiar with the world of audio tech. We’re used to watching sound technicians, often male, sitting alone in their booths at the back of a music venue, their fast hands sliding over the many complicated-looking dials and buttons of the soundboard like a wizard waving […]

Photo from the ambiSHEous Facebook page.

Girl power reimagined in the age of the solo-preneur

Girls aged 12-14 living in Ottawa have a new option when choosing extracurriculars and summer camps, that may just give them the edge when deciding on a career path. Amidst the sports camps, art and drama offerings, they can now choose to discover the entrepreneur within. Ambi-SHE-ous is an organization hoping to raise girls’ expectations […]

Photo by Celeste Lindell on flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

Creating space for Ottawa artists to put themselves on the map

A one-day conference, happening in November, will bring together local artists from across different disciplines, giving them a chance to network and to find ways to build their careers without compromising their vision. Since 2013, Artpreneur has been dedicated to helping artists succeed in their careers and build skills that will help them navigative the […]

Best use of a Bundt Pan. All photos courtesy of the author.

Hello My Name Is … Fiddleheads

Welcome to a new weekly blog feature! Every Saturday, check in to find out WTF is in season and WTF to do with all that local goodness.  This week… Fiddleheads. At this time of year, Ramps (aka wild garlic) and Fiddleheads duke it out in a veritable West Side Story brawl. They vie for the […]

Lantern by Andrew Power in the Apt613 Flickr Pool.

The Capital of espionage

Post by Devon Babin.  If you believe the stereotypes, Ottawa is a boring town that just happens to be the capital of a G7 nation. It isn’t sexy. It’s a sleepy little burg where government employees march to and from work, occasionally stopping long enough to grab a coffee at Bridgehead and maybe stroll down […]

All photos by Kelsey Sunstrum.

Foodie Friday: Sustainable eating gets a pulse

Three years ago, the United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. To celebrate this initiative, the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum has paired with Pulse Canada to showcase the versatile, healthful, yet oft-overlooked food group with Pulses: The Ideal Partner, an interactive travelling exhibition. Thursday, May 5 marked the Pulse Feast, where guests […]

All photos courtesy of Camp Tech.

Digital Day Camp for Adults

Camp Tech is a Canadian technical education hub born in 2012 that offers workshops to adults wishing to build their technical savvy. They provide half- and full-day in-person training sessions on a myriad of technical and digital subjects, from web design, social media, podcasting, WordPress fundamentals, and so much more. The beauty of CT is […]