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Canada’s humanitarian agenda to be discussed in Ottawa

Guest Post by Julia Sanchez (President-CEO, Canadian Council for International Co-operation) Ottawa cares. From the Syrian refugee crisis to sustainable local development, Ottawans are committed to engaging responsibly and proactively with global issues and as global citizens. And amidst such great global humanitarian need, there is no better place or time than this to think […]

Maple-Pickled Ramp Bulbs (with Ramp Kim Chi). All photos by the author.

Ramp season is in full swing

Ramps, also known as wild garlic, are one of the most prized foraged foods.  In Quebec, they’re somewhat of an obsession.  As a result, the plant has spent the last 20 years on the vulnerable species list, a fact that makes harvesting more than 50 bulbs illegal in that province.  But there’s gold in them […]

All photos courtesy of Renaissance Press.

A Kickstarter card game that might make you ‘Blush’

Do you remember having “the talk” with your parents when you were a teen? Maybe your mom and dad sat you down to layout the laws of the birds and the bees. Maybe your high school gym teacher gave you the basics, holding a banana in one hand and a condom in the other. Or […]

All photos courtesy of Hub Ottawa.

Impact Hub Ottawa presents: Open Project Nights

Impact Hub Ottawa is taking their successful formula for collaborative innovation and expanding it beyond their membership to the greater Ottawa public. It’s like an open source movement for community development. If you are not familiar with Hub Ottawa, they are the local “collaboration, innovation and incubation ecosystem for people and organizations working to better the […]

Photos by the author.

Ottawans offered A Taste of the Arctic next Monday

While Ottawa has the largest Inuit population outside of the Arctic, many Ottawans who don’t have ties to the North have few opportunities to experience the richness and diversity of Inuit culture. Next Monday, an event offers Southerners an opportunity to sample the NAC kitchen’s take on a variety of Inuit culinary delicacies, with ingredients […]

Photo of the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat from Wikimedia Commons.

Lecture: Preserving Heritage in the Developing World

Founded in 1980, the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a private sector enterprise supporting economic, social and cultural development and various development programs in Asian and African countries where poverty is rampant. Through a holistic approach, the foundation incorporates aspects of environment, health, poverty and illness in the hopes of providing long-term solutions for […]

Left: Photo from Right: Steve Morrison, photo by Hollie Davies.

Understanding myself better – through my handwriting! + giveaway

Hollie Davies lives in Wellington West with her boyfriend and cat, and loves sharing her experiences that the lovely city of Ottawa has to offer. Catch up with her as @Hollie_Grace7 on Instagram andTwitter. At one time or another, a fellow by the name of Steve Morrison had a measly $5 in his pocket (which […]