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Photo from Tac-O The Town Facebook Event by Privé.

Mexican fiesta has been the Tac-O The Town!

Privé is at it again promoting another [classy, 19+] mouth watering experience, that has been the Tac-O The Town! What is Privé, you ask… Privé is an Advertising and Marketing agency that loves food. They are “famous” for bringing Ottawa The Underground Chef Market in November of last year and The Sip n’ Slurp Noodle […]

Dave Neil and David Villarroel believe their still-under-construction Cauldron Kitchen will fill a void in Ottawa's foodie scene. Photo courtesy of Maja Villarroel.

Cauldron Kitchen brings shared economy ethos to Ottawa foodie scene

When I pulled up to the Overbrook industrial park and saw David Villarroel and his two young boys waving a blaring fire truck towards the back of the building, I thought: Oh no, the Cauldron Kitchen is already up in smoke! Turns out it was just a burning bush outside and not the premature demise […]

Source : Facebook House of Targ

HOUSE OF TARG :: le parfait combo jeux d’arcade/ musique/perogies

Par Mariette Delevallée. Est-il possible de combiner jeux d’arcade, bands de musique émergents et perogies dans une seule et même place ? En plus, avec les petites lumières de partout, on dirait Las Vegas. Avec des bands indépendants. Intéressant ! L’idée parait bien farfelue et pourtant, le quartier d’Old Ottawa South entend déjà résonner les […]

Cupcakes from Bez Gluten Free Baking.

Find your cake and eat it too! at the Gluten Free Utopia

In recent years we’ve heard gluten free go from a foreign concept, to a term and lifestyle adopted by so many. You’d be hard pressed these days to meet someone who isn’t eating gluten free or know someone who is. Enter Samantha Maloney. Owner of local business Bez Gluten Free Baking, she saw the opportunity […]

Photo by Denis Drever.

Welcome to the food circus – eat, drink, SPRING

Ringmaster: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages- well legal age, welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth. Welcome to the circus! You are about to take part in a fulfilling day of sipping and nibbling. Exciting, and fantastic features all on display before your very eyes. From the far corners of your municipality the […]

Dominion City Brewing

Dominion City Brewing gets off to a great (kick) start

Long left out in the cold of the current craft beer revolution (for the most part, anyway), Ottawa’s east end is finally getting its own craft brewery. Dominion City Brewing Company is set to open this year on Canotek Road, and as an east-ender and beer lover, I’m really excited to try their brews. If […]