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Photo courtesy of the Old Mill at Ashton website

Foodie Friday: It’s Oktoberfest everyday with Brew Donkey

What are you doing right now? Maybe you’re at work with way too much to do, inside your home with a lengthy list of chores, or drowning in debt with little money to throw down on an activity that isn’t listed on Groupon. We all have a million reasons for being stuck in the house, […]

Photo from

Teatro brings small plates with big flavour to the GCTC

Apt613 editor Yasmin Nissim and I recently had a chance to connect with Ziggy Margies, owner of Teatro, the newest restaurant venture to open on the ground floor of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. While the site has been home to several cafés and eateries since the establishment of the GCTC, it’s been troubled by […]

Morning frost in Muskoka. Photo from Muskoka Cottage Brewery Facebook page. All other photos by Amanda Armstrong.

Muskoka Brewery tap-to-table tasting at HPH

Beer lovers may be familiar with Muskoka Brewery’s Detour, a dry-hopped IPA. The six-pack design boasts a vibrant teal cartoon map reminiscent of those available at provincial parks. Both the eye-catching design and the name promise an enjoyable and leisurely drink, one that led me off the beaten path and in the right direction. I […]

Qandi Cookies. All photos taken from Sweet Bakery's Facebook page.

Sweet Bakery brings the taste of Persia to your door

Sweet Bakery is Ottawa’s newest solution to gluten intolerance and vegan dietary restrictions. These Persian sweets are best served with black tea or coffee, and are deliciously sweet without being overwhelming. Sweet Bakery officially launched in May 2014 at Ravenswing Festival. The bakery put together several boxes of gluten free sweets, and by the end […]

Left: Hot and sour coconut soup. Right: Spring rolls, a fan favourite at the Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio. Photos by Hollie Davies.

Foodie Friday: Cooking in the Capital

Everyone who’s anyone knows that cooking can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Some of us find joy in deviating from the recipe, mixing this with that and finding out for ourselves what works best. Others are just clearly magically blessed with the ability to find and follow different amazing recipes, resulting in abundant new […]

Photo from Das Lokal's Facebook page. Credit: Abe Bourgi, boodzz on Instagram.

Foodie Friday: Brunch at Das Lokal

Brunch – the holiest, most revered supreme leader of food-related gatherings. I am a loyal follower and take my brunch endeavours very seriously. Today’s endeavour was to a fairly new restaurant on Dalhousie. Humbly sitting north of St. Patrick Street in a quiet area of the market, the anonymity whispered for us to come inside. While […]

A Film About Coffee premieres at The Mayfair

[vimeo][/vimeo] Have you ever thought about how far your single long espresso, your vanilla latte, or your large medium in an extra large cup has to travel before the barista passes it to you over the bar each morning? At Bridgehead, a sense of connection has always been encouraged, between the coffee lover and the […]