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Arboretum Interviews: Branching out into Ought

Montreal-based Ought roll into Ottawa on Thursday for the Arboretum music festival, joining the likes of Fresh Snow, Blue Angel, and Freelove Fenner to crush out spirited and engaging tunes at House of Targ. Their album More Than Any Other Day is a rebel-rousing maelstrom at once caustic and emotive, flickering with paradox and tension. It simply howls out of […]

Arboretum Interviews: Branching into… Her Harbour

If you’ve never heard of Her Harbour, then tonight is as good a time as any to sail the seas. The act will be playing alongside Jesse MacCormack at Le Troquet on Rue Laval in Hull. Expect cascading, enigmatic, beautifully powerful soundscapes that are magisterially rendered and charged like lightening. Sandro (S): First off, where does […]

Basement 819 du 13 août 2014 :: Prestation live de Chloé Perrault de la formation Dogwood! Vivez l’art sur la rue Principale à Aylmer. Le Festival Arboretum s’active sur les deux côtés de la rive!

L’équipe de Basement 819 s’élargit avec notre maintenant plus-si-nouveau-que-ça collaborateur Jo Chapeau. En juin dernier, il est venu nous présenter les dessous de la riche scène culturelle de la région. Nous l’avons adopté et imploré de revenir parmi nous! Il enrichira dorénavant l’émission avec des invités en prestation live et ce, chaque semaine. On est […]

An open letter from the Arboretum team

Our friends over at Arboretum penned a letter on their thoughts about the festival that we thought you all might like to read. It’s originally posted over here on the Arboretum website and re-printed below in full. Enjoy!   The whole she-bang looked like the green, digital rainfall of Matrix code: details within details, all […]

It’s Arboretum this weekend! We’ve been thinking a lot about this festival

Fellow editor Francois Levesque and I sat down with Rolf Klausener and Stefanie Power for a meandering chat about Arboretum Arts Festival, the values that are embedded in it and how things are going this year. It was great to catch up with them about their project and we recorded the conversation for our weekly […]

So that happened: An Open Letter To ARBORETUM – From Rolf Klausener

This past weekend, Ottawa witnessed the launch of ARBORETUM – the latest promising addition to our city’s cultural scene. The reviews are positive and our thoughts turn to what’s next for the festival and the team behind it. Rolf Klausener, the artistic director of the festival just posted an open letter the community and we thought you […]

Arboretum Festival Foliage – Branching into Pregnancy Scares

[youtube][/youtube] Pregnancy Scares, an Ottawa-bred act, is an aural torrent of strepitous calamities. Part blast, part roar, with a tinkle surf-shuffle, their tunes rumble with an infectious energy. While engaged in numerous other projects, members of the band use this project as a form to unleash the beasts. The band is releasing a 7-inch this […]