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Ottawa, we need to talk: Stop with the grease wheel pizzas already!

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I’ve lived in the nation’s capital for just over ten years now, and I have always been on the prowl for an awesome, hole-in-the-wall pizza place within city limits. Now it may simply be because I enjoy a certain type of pizza that is hard to find in Ottawa, but then for the sake of variety(!), we need to have a few other choices than my pizza-nemesis: the grease wheel! The grease wheel tends to be characterized by thick dough, lots of cheese (hence all the grease), tons of toppings... | Continue reading article



Ottawa, we need to talk: We’re losing the farmers in the ByWard Market

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Photo courtesy of Justinvl from the apt613 flickr groupPhoto courtesy of Justinvl from the apt613 flickr group

Guest post by Anne Walsh, who works in Kemptville as an art therapist. For those of us who were born and bred in Ottawa, the arrival of farmers and their produce signals the start of spring. The colorful array of fruits, veggies, baked goods and fresh flowers transforms the ByWard Market from drab and cold to bursting with life and activity. I set out to interview farmers who have been selling their wares on the ByWard Market for multiple generations. As I interviewed hard working farmers, my sense of alarm... | Continue reading article



Foodie Friday: Ottawa, we need to talk about take-out containers

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Photo by dot polka on flickrPhoto by dot polka on flickr

So, I’m one of those annoying, unabashed foodie types that waxes on about the merits of things that are cooked sous-vide while en route to the newest chic taco joint. As a devotee of all things tasty, I inevitably find myself leaving a restaurant with a take-out container filled with the night’s left-overs, which are often too delicious to leave for the green bin – or worse yet – the dumpster. And it’s the makeup of these containers that often irks me, and is the subject of the first ever... | Continue reading article



Ottawa, we need to talk: What’s with the weird brown shoes?

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We’re resurrecting a series that ran in the early days of the blog, way back in 2009 when King of the Hill was still on TV and Poker Face meant more then just being good at card games. The few articles posted in our original “I hate to be a snob about this” series – now reborn as “Ottawa, we need to talk” – allowed people to kvetch about the things in the city that drove them wild. Even Pollyanna had a few Oscar the Grouch moments. To submit an idea... | Continue reading article


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