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Best Hot Chocolate in Town: Twitter Poll Edition

By Katie Marsh on November 26, 2010

As Ottawa receives its first snow of the season, our thoughts here at Apartment613 are turning from cold beer and patios to hot chocolate and fireplaces. A group of brave volunteers expect to give everyone’s favourite winter drink the full double blind taste test treatment some point soon at the Apartment613 Science laboratories. However, we first needed to know which of the hundreds of national capital coffee shops, cafes and chocolatiers were deserving of inclusion in our scientific experiment.

That’s where Twitter comes in. We asked the Ottawa twittosphere where to find the best hot chocolate in town. Their suggestions, to be tested more scientifically sometime this December, are listed below.

The contestants:

Truffle Treasures
Westboro Village – 314 Richmond Road
The Glebe – 769 Bank Street

The people have spoken. Of the 22 responses we got to our call out on Twitter, 15 mentioned Truffle Treasures as the place to get your hot chocolate fix in town. Considering that their cup is made from real chocolate, this is hardly a surprise. In fact, the only controversy seemed to be which location (Westborogh or Glebe) or flavours were preferable. @justinvl goes for the Aztec (with chili, cloves, cinnamon and cardamon), @Ottawhine loves the pumpkin spice while @heathmund goes for the orange ginger. @vikingmor points out that for those of you who like it less rich you can ask for a customised cup.

Courtesy of Sabrina Tang

375 Dalhousie Street

I must be blind, because in all my time cavorting around the Market I seem to have missed out on this German chocolatier. Their no additives or preservatives coco comes in two flavours: regular and spicy. Looks like a credible contender for the hot chocolate crown… watch out Truffle Treasures! Thanks to @icefly2 for the heads up about Stubbe’s.

Jak’s Kitchen
479 Bronson Avenue

According to @Bethmaru, this cozy neighbourhood favourite serves Lindt hot chocolate. Can a packaged hot chocolate stand up to the real thing? Only science can decide.

Raw Sugar Cafe
692 Somerset St. W.

A place best know for its assortment of teas, @MarWarrender suggests we give it a try for hot chocolate too.

The Chain Stores

Starbucks, Second Cup and Bridgehead
Various Locations

Of course, your standard coffee shop fare is always good for a control group. @hellokaitlin‘s husband swears by Starbucks, @CoreyTamas and @emilie_adams went for Bridgehead while @Sara_Jefferson loves loves loves the white hot chocolate at Second cup. While we would love to be all small business snobby about it, we unwittingly gave Second Cup the prize in our first Apartment613 Science post, so maybe it’s got a shot at a double play. We’ll probably add in Tim Hortons in this control group just for good measure.

Did we miss any not-to-be-missed hot chocolate places? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned this December for our next installment of Apartment613 Science!

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