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Philippe Ha

Community Engagement

Phil est un Montréalais à Ottawa. By day, he helps brands create content that will connect them to the right people. By night, he pretty much does the same. Interests include 🏀 📘 🍜 🐶 📸 ☕️ 🌏 and anything *you* are passionate about.

Foodie Friday: Heart & Crown turns 25, still gets carded

If you’ve ever visited the ByWard Market, you’re probably no stranger to the Heart & Crown Irish Pub. Established by two Irish immigrants, Larry Bradley and Pat Kelly, the pub gets its subtle charm from a not-so-subtle commitment to its roots. From the “snug rooms” to the the floor tile, to the bars made of Irish wood, there’s a clear intent on preserving the spirit and culture for anyone who has been to or yet to visit Ireland.