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Asim B.


Along with my best friend and life partner, the best part of my life is being the dad of two intelligent, independent, witty, and fun loving girls. As for my other interests, I indulge my love of math in my day job as an engineer; my sense of humour is on display when I perform stand up comedy around town in the evenings, and my affection for writing is satiated by the various previews, interviews, and bios I get to do. I enjoy the sweet sound of my children’s laughter, the warm fuzzy feeling of my cats curled up on my lap and quietly purring away, and the company of my wonderful wife. I am also a big comic book nerd. I also like to jog, play volleyball and soccer in the summer months and spend the winters like a hamster on a wheel, by riding a stationary bike indoors in order to stave off the “dad-body” and fight back against my love of cakes, cookies, and ice cream. I find that a good hug is the best way to say hello, end an argument, cure a boo-boo, or make someone feel better when they’re sad.