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Apt613 candidates’ survey: Miscellaneous edition

By Karen Diepeveen on May 1, 2011

Photo courtesy k-ideas on Flickr.

Survey by Natasha Mooney and Chris Connolly

Just as the campaigning enters its final few hours, our election correspondents Natasha Mooney and Chris Connolly have wound up their investigations into Ottawa’s candidates. Their questions – ranging from how to support Ottawa’s arts communities to favourite Beavertail flavour – were put to all major candidates in all ridings in and surrounding Ottawa.

This last installment of their reporting is made up of all of the ridings where just one candidate replied (despite multiple follow-ups to all candidates!). We’ve got answers from folks in Orleans, Nepean-Carleton, Carleton-Mississippi Mills, and Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. And despite very lovely emails from our correspondents, we didn’t get any response from candidates in Hull-Aylmer, Gatineau or Prescott. You’ll find all candidate names listed below, whether they responded or not.

Also, in case you’re wondering: those vote mobs that have been happening across the country? Our city’s universities and colleges joined in and got out to prove they’ll be heading to the polls tomorrow. Check out Carleton and UOttawa‘s videos – and if anyone happens to have footage of the Algonquin College mob, pass along the information!

And now for the final answers from our candidates:

Orleans (Candidates who did not submit answers: Royal Galipeau, Conservative Party; Martine Cenatus, NDP; Paul Maillet, Green Party)

David BERTSCHI – Liberal Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

I’ve been living in Orléans since the 80’s. I’ve raised a family of 6 kids here and have even moved my law practice five and a half years ago to the community, creating 26 jobs. I’ve been involved in the community through our local arts council and sports organizations that my kids have taken part in, and have been a volunteer fundraiser for local charitable organizations.

Why should our readers vote for you?

I’m approachable and bilingual. I know what it’s like for people facing issues in this community because I’ve been raising my family here for the last 25 years. I’ve got 5 kids going through University, I’ve got elderly parents and I commute to work every day. These are commonalities between residents and things that I want to help people with.

People are tired of the Harper Government eroding our institutions and muzzling our public servants. It needs to stop. If you’re the MP for Oshawa, you’re standing up for the auto-workers. In Ottawa Centre, we need an MP who champions the public service. I will be that voice.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

If I am elected I will hold a round table meeting with the several arts groups in the community to discuss their issues of concern, how the government of Canada can help them succeed, and help them promote through Promart and trade missions at home in Canada and abroad.

Favourite Things

Happy hour: Anytime with my family is a happy hour

Lunch hangout: Gabriel’s Pizza on St. Joseph Blvd.

Coffee shop: Tim Horton’s in Fallingbrook Plaza

Bar: D’Arcy McGees

Greasy meal: 2 eggs over easy at Jonny Canucks

Healthy meal: A fresh salad from my wife

Community group: Arts Ottawa East

Green space: Petrie Island

Iconic landmark: Princess Louise Falls

Summer festival: Carivibe, Greater Orléans Canada Day, Orléans Festival

Local product: Cabernet Sauvignon-Sabrevois from Domaine Perrault in Navan

Beavertail flavor: Cinnamon & Sugar

Place to waste a Saturday:
Walking my 2 Golden Retrievers along Fallingbrook Ridge

Ottawa guilty pleasure: BBQ’ing at home

Locally grown celebrity: Steffi D

Sporting venue: Ray Friel

Arts venue: Shenkman Arts Centre

Nepean-Carleton (Candidates who did not submit answers: Pierre Pollievre, Conservative Party; Ryan Keon, Liberal Party; Ric Dagenais, NDP)

Jean-Luc COOKE – Green Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community?

I grew up in Nepean and went to school with all the kids from Barrhaven. While in air cadets, I became good friends with kids from Osgoode and would hang out over there all the time. My wife grew up on Century Road outside Manotick, her father now lives in North Gower. My most active participation currently is being the registration coordinator for the Make-A-Wish run on May 7th. Once the election is over, I will return to my activities with them.

Why should our readers vote for you?

The previous Red and Blue governments have not delivered on many of their promises to assist funding the arts. One dollar into the arts becomes 7 in the economy of the local community. And what’s more, it makes communities more enjoyable. Perhaps if we elected a representative who could see this and get along with others of different parties they could start leading instead of insulting each other.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

I don’t have a hair of artistic talent in my body. But I enjoy all the arts and patron their services regularly. I believe our politicians should set the example that being consumers of our arts culture is not an expression snobbery, but one of gratitude to live in a city where artists challenge their audience to see beyond their own existence.

Favourite Things

Happy hour: Going to Sens games

Lunch hangout: I usually skip lunch

Coffee shop: I avoid coffee, gives me the shakes.

Bar: My bar days ended in university. So I built my own small copper-top bar in the basement.

Greasy meal: Greasy food does not agree with me at all, I avoid it. But my willpower does give way occasionally to pogos (deep fried cornmeal wiener on a stick)

Healthy meal: My summer favorite is mustard and horseradish beef burgers and Greek salad.

Community group: Snowsuit fund

Green space: My backyard

Iconic landmark: Rideau Canal

Summer festival: Bluesfest

Local product: Beer: Beau’s, Heritage, etc.

Beavertail flavor: Cinnamon and brown sugar

Place to waste a Saturday: Canoe camping at provincial park.

Ottawa guilty pleasure: People watching on Bank Street.

Locally grown celebrity: Tom Green

Sporting venue: Civic Centre

Arts venue: NAC

Carleton-Mississippi Mills (Candidates who did not respond: Gordon O’Connor, Conservative Party; Erin Peters, NDP; John Hogg, Green Party)

Karen McCRIMMON – Liberal Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

When I retired from the Canadian Forces, I looked for a place in Canada that I could call home. I found it. I count my blessings to now live in Constance Bay. I became involved in the community to ensure the preservation of all that is so great about this area. I hope to inspire others to also become more involved. Together, we can ensure that all our children grow up knowing the importance of community. Together, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Why should our readers vote for you?

This riding wants to have its voice heard, now. I have personally canvassed thousands of homes and talked to many people one on one. I have heard over and over again – the people of Carleton-Mississippi Mills want their interests and concerns to be heard and addressed, now. My experience as a commanding officer in the Air Force , as a professional mediator and last but not least as a mother will ensure that the issues important to your readers and the community will be heard and advocated for. I am an experienced and trusted leader that values inclusivity and compassion. I think this riding should settle for nothing less than that in selecting its next representation on May 2. People deserve to be heard.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

I think that the arts and culture scene of the National Capital Region and specifically the Carleton-Mississippi Mills area is a vital and intrinsic layer to what it means to live here. Supporting your community includes supporting arts and culture. One specific contribution I can make to the vibrancy of our arts and culture family is to bring together people and organizations to create new opportunities from which local artists can consistently thrive and prosper.

Favourite Things

Happy hour: The Point

Lunch hangout: Fratelli’s

Coffee shop: Luna’s

Bar: The Point

Healthy meal: Lapointe Seafood Restaurant

Community group: Rural Routes Theatre

Green space: Torbolton Forest

Iconic landmark: Pakenham Bridge

Summer festival: Puppets Up

Local product: Baker Bobs, Almonte

Beavertail flavor: Sugar and Cinnamon

Place to waste a Saturday: anything that has me outside on the water (or ice/snow depending on the season) or in nature

Ottawa guilty pleasure: fish and chips from the Glen Restaurant

Locally grown celebrity: Wayne Ronstad

Sporting venue: Scotia Bank Place for Ottawa Sens games. Go Sens Go!

Arts venue:St Elmo’s Fire

Glengarry–Prescott–Russell (Candidates who did not respond: Pierre Lemieux, Conservative Party; Julie Bourgeois, Liberal Party; Denis Seguin, NDP)

Sylvie LEMIEUX– Green Party
What are your roots in your riding and how have you been involved in the community

I lived in the region on two occasions while serving in the Military. I choose Navan and now Cumberland as my place of residence because of the quality of life for my children, French schools, great access to nature, museums and theatres and the possibilities to live in a small community. While I raised my children our activities were centered on various sports, music and theaters but now, I’m involved in the Green Party and I’m a Board Member for the Cumberland Museum ( a great attraction in the region!!)

Why should our readers vote for you?

I am true to the Green Party’s six values placing an emphasis on social justice, diversity and sustainability. I offer my experience, expertise and commitment for the better good of our society. This is the second time I seek the mandate to represent the residents of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. The Conservatives and Liberals have proven that they seek power for power sake rather than building strong communities. If you are disillusioned with the system, demand more from your government by voting Green on May 2nd.

How would you contribute to the vibrancy of Ottawa’s arts and culture scene?

The Arts and Culture Scene is already vibrant in our region and I hope that it will continue in that direction. During the 2008 campaign I declared that if elected I would ensure steady financing for L’Écho d’un Peuple, and support to local youth programs so that there is a better understanding that prosperous communities and strong local economy must rest on a strong arts and culture foundation. On a personal basis I will continue to be a supporter to many of the region wonderful programs.

Favourite Things

Happy hour: Home on my deck

Lunch hangout: Yoga on Parliament Hill

Coffee shop: Bridgehead

Bar: The Boathouse on the River

Greasy meal: Louis’ pizza in Vanier

Healthy meal: The Green door

Community group: The Cumberland Museum

Green space: Larose Forest

Iconic landmark: The Parliament – what else – remember future politician here 😉

Summer festival: can’t choose – I want them all to succeed

Local product: Green Beaver produces and Fruits, veggies and herbs from local markets

Beavertail flavor: with lemon please

Place to waste a Saturday: On the Ottawa River in my Kayak

Ottawa guilty pleasure: the patios in the Market

Locally grown celebrity: Alani

Sporting venue: The canal

Arts venue: I can’t choose – there is a place for everything – Shenkman Center, NAC, Maison de la Culture, Ottawa Little Theatre, La Scène, all the museums, all green parks, the churches for Music chamber…

Hull–Aylmer (Candidates who did not respond: Marcel Proulx, Liberal Party; Dino Lemay, Bloc Quebecois; Nycole Turnel, NDP; Roger Fleury, Green Party; Nancy Brassard-Fortin, Conservative Party)

Gatineau (Candidates who did not respond: Richard Nadeau, BQ; Francoise Boivin, Liberal; Steve MacKinnon, Liberal; Jonathan Meijer, Green; Jennifer Geary, Conservative)

Pontiac (Candidates who did not respond: Lawrence Cannon, Conservative; Cindy Duncan McMillan, Liberal; Maude Tremblay, BQ; Louise-Phillippe Mayrand, Green; Mathieu Ravignat, NDP; Benoit Legros, Marxist-Leninist Party)

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