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Apartment613 Live on Halloween: demonic craft shows, haunted plaid, and music from the damned

By Trevor Pritchard on November 2, 2012

Listen here or on iTunes.

It’s the Halloween episode of Apartment613 Live, everyone! So brace yourself for a chilling hour of terrifying, bloodcurdling—er, actually, to be honest, we didn’t include too much in the way of traditional frights last week. (Unless you count a shrieking pumpkin toy we dug up.)

Then again, maybe you’re terrified by the idea of dozens of plaid-wearing cyclists taking over the city’s streets, gnawing on the flesh of any drivers or pedestrians they encounter! If that’s the case, commence trembling, because we got Chris Sheppard of local microbrewery Kichesippi to preview the inaugural Plaid Parade held this past weekend—one of the main Support Local Month events here in the capital. And come to think of it, we also chatted with Urban Craft coordinator and co-founder Krista Leben about our city’s extra-demonic late fall/early winter craft show scene! And we spun eeeeeeeevil tracks from the likes of Zeus, Esmerine, Aidan Knight and Death From Above 1979, too!

So with that in mind: download away, avid listeners. Download—if you dare.


  • Zeus, “Anything You Want Dear”
  • Aidan Knight, “A Mirror”
  • Esmerine, “A Dog River”
  • Lindi Ortega, “Murder of Crows”
  • Fellow, “Sold Your Soul to a Landfill”
  • Evening Hymns, “Dead Deer”
  • Death From Above 1979, “Romantic Rights”

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