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Apartment Crush: Auntie Loo edition

By Dominic Maggiolo on May 6, 2011

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Post by Dominic and Nancy

This week’s post includes two things I really like: sweet treats and super nice gals. Mandi – also known as Auntie Loo from Auntie Loo’s Vegan Bakery – graciously invited Nancy and I to tour her place in a fascinating 1930s hotel-turned-apartment building. Mandi was really welcoming, making us feel at home and letting us explore her space. Having seen her fun and lively bakery, we were surprised to find a completely different vibe in Mandi and Chris’ apartment. Minimal yet cozy, the apartment had lots of open space characterized by loads of antique furniture, dark wood, warm rugs and an unexpectedly broad collection of Inuit folk art. We may have lingered a little too long at Mandi’s place, but we just couldn’t help it: the tunes were great (Mandi and Chris are both ex-record store employees), the apartment smelled heavenly, and it made for a perfectly hip sanctuary to hide out from the rain in. Name: Mandi Loo (entrepreneuse) and partner of 10 years, Chris (photojournalist).

Neighborhood: Golden Triangle.

Size (# of bedrooms): 2bdr- 1000 sq. feet.

Your style in 3 words: Minimalist antiquers.

What do you love about your apartment: Crown molding, lots of space, 1930’s charm.

What don’t you love about your apartment: No private outdoor space. Also whenever the Sens make the playoffs or its Canada Day, it’s like trying to sleep in a stadium. A tragically small kitchen, but I (Mandi) got over it quick as I have the bakery to play in for big jobs.

Best DIY Project: We don’t really have one. We left the walls white because we liked it.

Biggest indulgence in your apartment: Sculpture (“Hunter”) from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut (the one on the mantle of the fireplace).

Biggest challenge: Finding modern pieces to fit with the antique style. (Couch from EQ3 was a perfect fit- one of the only ones we could find so far).

Best compliment (or insult) you have ever received about your place: Compliment! “If the walls and furniture were black and green, it would look like Granny’s apartment” (referring to the Tweety Bird cartoons on Looney Tunes).

Extras: We started collecting the antique furniture the first few years we were together, really investing in nice pieces. It took us years to find it all. Most of our art is from Nunavut, and is due to Chris’ travels as a photojournalist.

The name of your adorable cat: Emma Loo.

What was the name of the delicious whiskey we sipped? Sortilege- it’s my favorite maple infused whiskey from QC- you can’t get it on the Ontario side.

Try out some of Auntie Loo’s super delicious treats this Sunday, May 8th, at the Flea Market being held at the Bronson Centre in Mac Hall. To get your place featured on Apartment Crush, please contact Dominic and Nancy at

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