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About Us

Ottawa’s pretty awesome. From New Edinburgh to Old Ottawa South to Westboro and beyond, artists, musicians, boutique stores, and culture abound. In fact, Apartment613 suspects the town’s staid and serious reputation may be nothing more than a convenient cover for its wild and crazy alter ego. Committed to connecting people to their neighborhoods, the site is a place where we can learn and talk about new and exciting people, places, and goings on.

We hope Apartment613 will be a platform for participation and community building. Everyone is welcome, so come on over!

Who we are

Apartment613 is a volunteer-run not for profit organization. Our main activity is, an award winning blog dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. All of our editors, photographers and contributors contribute their time and talents for free to help spread the word about all the great events happening in our city. If you’d like to help out, please visit our contact us page to find out how you can get involved.


Apartment613 was conceived in October 2008 at the Manx Pub over a few too many pints of beer. A group of eight friends plus a mysterious Colombian were remarking that while Ottawa had an active arts and culture scene, it took the right connections and a bit of work to get plugged in. We decided to do something about it. After three months spent debating whether or not to go with a sans serif font, the official site went live in January 2009. We held our launch party on 6/13 at Raw Sugar Cafe – the first of what we hope will be many more awesome birthday celebrations.

A core group formed and we were lucky enough to pick up some dedicated and talented writers along the way, many of whom were professionally trained journalists. Along with some casual contributors, we’ve managed to form a motley crew of intrepid volunteer reporters who will stop at nothing to uncover the newest restaurant opening or mind-blowing party.

In August 2010, the blog officially incorporated as a not-for-profit.

In October 2012, Apartment613 won gold for best blog in the 2012 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (community initiative category).

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

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The Team

Boring Administration-Type People

Adria May - Music Editor

Alejandro BustosEditor, International Man of Mystery

Chris Cline - Editor, Average White Guy

Devora Cascante - Señor Blog Coordinator

Diane Bond - Visual Arts Editor

François Levesque - Editor, Token French Guy

Jessica Wells - Events Coordinator

Karen DiepeveenEditor, Financial Genius

Katie Marsh - Editor, Pitch Master

Lee Pepper - Editor

Michaella Francom - Apt613 Live Radio Producer

Ryan Saxby HillEditor, Evil Mastermind

Yasmin NissimContributor Coordinator, Ninja


Amanda Armstrong - Ottawa Creatives

Andrew ElliottStreetscape Memory Bank

Barbara PopelTheatre Reviewer

Brian CarrollTheatre Reviewer, What’s On Stage

Hannah ManningWeekend Roundup

Jessica GreenLibrarian in Residence

Jill KrajewskiWeekend Roundup

Maksim ApelfeldHidden Gems


Podcasters – Basement 819

Basement 819 c’est une émission de radio qui s’attarde à l’actualité culturelle dans la région d’Ottawa-Gatineau.

Vous pouvez nous entendre tous les mercredis soirs de 20h à 21h sur les ondes de CHUO 89.1 FM.

Notre mission

Des deux côtés de la rive, la vie culturelle pullule d’événements à couvrir pour découvrir. Nous sommes des francophones bilingues et captivés par la richesse artistique qui a cours en Outaouais. Notre motivation ultime: réunir les deux rives pour créer un univers culturel unique.

Nous collaborons avec notre alter ego Apartment 613, une affiliation qui nous permet d’offrir une couverture culturelle en français. Nous publions sur leur plateforme web chaque semaine nos résumés d’émission ainsi que des articles qui s’inspirent de la culture du jour. Suivez-nous via Facebook et Twitter.

Pour nous contacter:


Alessandro Marcon

Andria Marie

April Laramey

Ashley C.

Catherine Brunelle

Christine Seguin

Chrissy Steinbock

Cochrane McDonald

Courtney Merchand

Diane Lachapelle

Dylan Barnabe

Gloria Song

Holly Davies

Jared Davidson

Jean McLernon

Jenn Jefferys

Jennifer Carole Lewis

Jennifer Cavanagh

Jennifer Larocque

Jordan Duff (Brew Brah)

Joseph Hutt

Josh Lemoine

Kabriya Coghlan

Kelsey Sunstrum

Kenneth Ingram

Marina Irick

Meg Marshall

Raymond Aubin

Ruth Latta

Sanita Fejzic

Sharon Cheung

Steve Fitzpatrick (Brew Brah)

Terry Steeves

Tobi Cohen

Todd Coopee

Vanessa Rotondo

Other contributors include: Adam Casey, Andrew SnowdonAnia Szneps, Bonnie TompkinsChris Connolly, Dominic Maggiolo, Eleni Armenakis, Esmeralda Smith Romero, Èva Morin, Gabrielle TiemanJason Yung, Jon SchofieldJohn Olsthoorn, Julie Cruikshank, Kevin Soobrian, Laurent Robillard-CardinalLidija Marie Rozitis, Megan CavonMegan Underwood, Melanie BrownMichael StatsnyMike Reynolds, Pam Kapoor, Rachel Hauraney, Samantha Everts, Sharif ViraniStephan C. Telka, Trevor PritchardVera Grbic,

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