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613 Style File: Men’s Clothing Swap Edition

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Photographs and text by Stephan Telka

In mid-June, Raw Sugar played host to one of Ottawa’s first Men’s Clothing Swaps. Finally a chance for the men of Ottawa to come together to get rid of some gently used clothing and pick up a few new pieces! Style File reporter Stephan Telka was on the scene to capture some of the cool and some of the quirky finds. The organizers are hoping to make this a regular occurrence, so check back in the coming months for the next date.

Rolf, Server at the Manx

What did you find today? An H&M golf shirt, which someone here received as a gift. It fits like a glove, and it’s perfect for summer wear.

What else are you wearing?

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: From a nondescript cobbler shop on First Avenue in New York City

Glasses: Guess, purchased at Decadence (on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton)

How would you describe your style? Swiss Panic (I’m ½ Swiss and ½ Central American)

Ross, Manager

What did you find today? A Saudi Arabian “longshirt”

What else are you wearing?

Shoes: Doc Maartens, from “Rock Junction”

Glasses: Lens Crafters

How would you describe your style? Rockability indie style, inspired by Ben Sherman

Jonah, Theatre Student

What did you find today? A collared, sleeveless shirt from an Israeli store, purchased in Saint Petersburg (Russia), an Adidas track jacket, a polo shirt advertising the Virginia State Lottery, and a tie clip

What else are you wearing?

Shoes: Birkenstock sandals from The Glebe Trotters

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Belt: JMB [] (a Chelsea-based leather maker), purchased at The Glebe Trotters

Oxford: Value Village

Jacket: Ragtime

How would you describe your style? Today I’m sporting a Canadian tuxedo. Otherwise jeans, comfy shoes, and blank shirts.

Joël, Purchaser at the Ottawa Folklore Centre

What did you find today? A black jacket

What else are you wearing?

Shoes: The Glebe Trotters

Pants: Value Village

T-shirt: It was a gift from my girlfriend

Hat: A gift from my girlfriend. It replaced one I had lost. I tend to lose hats a lot.

Glasses: Laurier Optical (on Rideau)

How would you describe your style? It’s a mixed bag. It’s casual. I source it from the best of used clothing and hand-me-downs.


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Server at the Manx? Hmmm...

- Francois

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