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613 Style File: Fringe Festival Edition!

By Apartment613 on July 4, 2011

Thespians are known for their attention grabbing ways, but does their flare for the dramatic extend to the wardrobe? Melanie Yugo, crafter extraordinaire and co-founder of Spins & Needles, and Lauryn Kronick, a vintage-obsessed fashion junkie, were on hand at the 2011 Fringe Festival to find out. While the festival ended last week, we hope that some of the styles that made their way to the famous fringe beer tent last all summer long.

Rachel (left)
Dress: C Mart (in Baltimore) – I’ve had it in my closet for more than 20 years!

Hat: From Polly Hill Arboretum (Martha’s Vineyards)

Bag: Raven Sarah on Wellington St.

Fave Fringe Show: Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Jay (Left)

Shirt: From Black Dog (Martha’s Vineyards)

Fave Fringe Show: Momma’s Boy

Kiersten (Right)

Dress: Value Village

Bag: Her grandmother’s, had it since I was a child!

Shoes: Banana Republic

Fave Fringe Show: Fucking Stephen Harper (for political reasons), Playing Dead

Tim (Left)
Shirt and tie: Tip Top Tailors

Pants: Zellers

Shoes: Spring

Fave Fringe Show: Momma’s Boy

Grace (Right)

Dress: From my best friend’s closet

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Bargain in Montreal Flea Market

Fave Fringe Show: Falling Open

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