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613 Style File: Chinatown Remixed 2012

By Katie Marsh on May 15, 2012

Chinatown Remixed, the annual celebration of Ottawa’s most eclectic neighborhood, went off without a hitch this weekend. The art was fun, the crowds were cool and the fashion was hot! Here are some of the fashionistas that caught our eye (sorry guys, but while many of you turned out in style, you were too fast for our crew to catch you).

Name:Greta Grip


Describe your personal style:Quirky, Witty, Knittery

Where did you get your outfit? I made my knitted blond wig and dress, which is a copy of my knitted flesh dress now on exhibit at Invisible Cinema. The fabric is available for sale.

Tell us about your art for Chinatown Remixed:The knitted QR codes take a couple of hours to knit, but you can retrieve the message instantly. I really like the play between an old art form that takes a lot of time to do, with a new and instantaneous technology.


Name: Ella Westhaver

Occupation: Librarian

Describe your personal style:Keeping cool at all costs and trying not to be overheated.

Where did you get your outfit?Dress at Old Navy, hat at H&M, Button necklace was a gift.

What has been your favorite thing at Chinatown Remixed? The dancing human-sized robots!


Occupation: ROBOT

Describe your personal style: KILL THE HUMANS

Where did you get your outfit? MR ROBOTO’S ROBOT HOUSE OF STYLE, THE GAP

What has been your favorite thing at Chinatown Remixed? KILL THE HUMANS

The Latest Artists (Andrew + Deborah O’Malley) unleashed their  “Remote Control Robots,” at Chinatown live opening day. The robots were controlled by the public and were in no way homicidal. 

Name: Natalie Fournier

Occupation:Pre-School Teacher

Describe your personal style: Colorful, fun patterns, cheerful

Where did you get your outfit? Tights at the Bay, Dress at Kensington Market in Toronto, Apron at Value Village

Tell us about your art for Chinatown Remixed: Its a community collaborative project to make cloth banners that will be shown around Chinatown. Its like non-permanent graffiti. The positive messages in the banners counteract the negativity we see everyday.

Name: China Doll

Occupation: Gal about town, host of Shanghai’s Karaoke night

Describe your personal style: Always the best I can afford. If it looks good, get it.

What has been your favorite thing at Chinatown Remixed? The joy of art and the community, the people and the reactions, especially from those that don’t know what’s going on

 Names: Justine Bell (left) and Rozemarijn Oudejans (right)Occupation:Justine’s a policy analyst, Rozemarijn’s an artist

Describe your personal style:Justine – Bright, cool with influences from Mexico and Vancouver. Rozemarijn – Natural and colorful with lots of contrasts

What has been your favorite thing at Chinatown Remixed? Justine – Getting to explore businesses I usually walk by everyday. Rozemarijn – The different combinations of artists and venues

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