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Month: November 2012

Yarn bombs blanket Vanier as C’est Chill takes over

It seems like Vanier residents are already way beyond debates of whether the neighbourhood could possibly be “the next Westboro.” While the debate continues, some Vanierans (for lack of a better demonym) are instead choosing to direct their energy toward projects that actually make Vanier a cool place to live. Enter C’est Chill, an appropriately […]

Fabrications: Fabulous finds for Ottawa’s crafting scene

Ottawa’s always been lacking in the fabric store department, particularly in the downtown area – until now. Thanks to two civil-servants-turned-shop-owners, the crafting scene here in town doesn’t need to turn to the interweb to find fabric delights. Fabrications is the joint venture of Carrie and Curtis, who saw the opening for a little crafty […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

It’s the last few days of Support Local month, folks (and the annual facial hair growing marathon), so get out to catch the last few events. Tonight, some Dalhousie shops are hosting a festive night, and tomorrow? We’ve got a dance party, a mustache celebration, a supper club featuring fresh food mixed with live music, and […]

Living the Leisure Life with Toronto’s Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg knows how to write a good chorus. Eight years ago, on his third album Darby and Joan, the Toronto indie rock troubadour brewed up “The Boyfriend Song,” an insanely catchy tune about missing money and nonexistent boyfriends that—I’d like to think—was equally irresistible to Canadian music lovers straight and gay. It’s a highlight in a […]

Eschaton 2012: for those that haven’t drank the Kool-aid

It appears that Armageddon is all around us. Whether it’s movies about the end of the world, fantasy novels by Christian fundamentalists on the apocalypse or the popular expression “drinking the Kool-Aid” that stems from the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, it seems we can’t help but think about the end of time. So what is a […]

Video of the Week – Pony Girl performs live from their living room [+ contest]

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo] Our video of the week this week comes live via the living room of art-rock band, Pony Girl. They are playing this Friday at Café Alt and thought it might be fun to give away some tickets and tracks here on Apartment613 first. You can get two sample tracks online here and […]

Neil Young and Crazy Horse take to the stage in Ottawa

Neil Young needs no introduction. Most Canadians are familiar with his music, the persona of a Canadian rock and folk icon that he created in the late 1960s, and the fact that he has always stood up to the proverbial “man” in his music.  All of that being said, this isn’t a review of Neil […]

Mother Mother: Getting out of the sticks

There’s one thing that I can appreciate about a show that purports not much more than really good music… it’s that everyone and anyone can have a really good time!  That’s exactly what Ottawa got Friday night when Mother Mother’s The Sticks Tour came to the Bronson Centre. At no more than a maximum of […]

Apt613 Talks: Entrepreneurship and creativity in Ottawa

A Toronto-based friend of mine can be mean when talking about our nation’s capital. “Ottawa is a great place to raise a plant,” he once told me, jokingly. “It’s also a good city for your parents to live in.” This opinion of Ottawa as a stuffy, boring place where dreams go to die is shared […]

Electioneering is a farce in SevenThirty Productions’ November

Every four years, the US presidential election captures the attention of the world.  And why shouldn’t it?  From a practical perspective, it is of immense interest to every person on the planet: who will be placed in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal and greatest concentration of purchasing power in the world?  Even then, a […]

Weekly News Review: Composting in apartments, Ottawa’s cheap gas, Centretown’s future and more

Currently, the city doesn’t offer organics recycling for all multi-residential buildings but this might change. New guidelines are being discussed to standardize garbage and recycling bin requirements for multi-residential buildings, but there’s still lots to discuss. What other cities have multi-residential buildings compost? British Columbia may have a thing or two to teach us. Bitching about […]

Indigenous Perspectives and Representations in the Media

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] On Saturday, November 17th at the Media Democracy conference, an abundance of workshops and discussions were provided into which participants could sink their inquisitive teeth.  Focusing on National as well as International topics, dynamic and intelligent presenters illustrated issues relevant to critical alternatives to mainstream media, and illuminated new avenues of both […]

613 Style File: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

All photos courtesy of Adria May There were swells of vintage-lovers looking to buy that special one-of-a kind item at this year’s Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on November 18. This years’ event has held for the first time at the Ottawa Convention Centre and was packed with enthusiastic fashion-lovers. I had the good fortune of meeting four […]

Raymond Biesinger launches Black and White Illustrations at Wurm Gallery

What does an illustrator do with over a decades’ worth of work? Raymond Biesinger has collected his into a 208-page book, Black and White Illustrations, which launches in Ottawa tonight at Invisible Cinema‘s Wurm Gallery. In addition to the book launch, 11 of Raymond’s screenprints will be on display at the gallery until December 12. The […]