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Month: September 2012

Underneath a sea of umbrellas at Harvest Noir

This afternoon, participants of Harvest Noir got the call they had been waiting for: the secret location for the ultimate in outdoor picnics. Despite the rain, spirits were high as hundreds of local foodies and fashionistas gathered together on the front lawn of City Hall to eat, drink, and be merry. And… get a little […]

Google Streetview’s Hintonburg time capsule

Checking out Hintonburg on Google Streetview is like taking a time machine back to 2010. It seems like Google hasn’t updated their images of the hood in a few years, so the service erases the massive changes made by the neighborhood’s rapid gentrification project.   View Larger Map Much like Hintonburg’s lightning-fast transition, the Streetview images […]

Festival X – In the Moment

Borges, at some point before going blind, wrote, “A man sets out to draw the world. As the years go by, he peoples a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, instruments, stars, horses, and individuals. A short time before he dies, he discovers that the patient labyrinth of lines […]

Apartment613 Live for September 26, 2012

Listen here, or in iTunes! This week, Karen takes to the airwaves solo, narrowly avoiding any long rambles in the absence of her co-hosts. The show kicks off with music from Hey Ocean, Parlovr, The Most Loyals and Shout Out Out Out Out, before heading into Chris and Yaz’s Kingston food adventure – which happened […]

The Fresh Meat Theatre Festival in Review

As I was on my way through the crowd to my comfortable front-row couch seat, May Can Theatre’s Madeleine Boyes Manseau approached me with a fan of folded construction-paper cards. “Do you believe in fate?” she asked. I won’t tell you what my answer was, or what was written inside the card I chose.  That […]

SNAPSHOT – Still time needed for development

It is rather rare, I am glad to say, that I have nothing good to say about a play.  Sometimes, however, it happens. SNAPSHOT, written by Karen Balcome and directed by Patrick Gauthier, unfolds roughly as follows:  After the death of his wife Leona, Dalton (Peter Froelich) has an unexpected visitor: his teenage granddaughter Charlie […]

Julie MacCormack: Capturing Neighbourhoods

Festival X draws to a close this Sunday, leaving us photo junkies to find our fix elsewhere. Luckily, it’s never hard to find creative and interesting photography work in Ottawa – you just need to know where to look. And sometimes beautiful photographs turn up in the oddest of places. Like, for example, a local […]

Taboo Eats: It’s like Master Chef Ottawa, except without the cussing English Man

This Saturday, the inaugural Taboo Eats will give 18 non-chefs the chance to prove their culinary might. Each of the participants will create a signature dish to present to the public, who will vote on the best pick. With names like ‘Egg Roll Taco with Hoisin Glazed Duck Breast’ or ‘Drunken Mexican Fisherman in France’, the foods on offer promise to […]

Detail of work by Caleb Abbott at Fall Down Gallery

Caleb Abbott quietly intervenes during Festival X

We’ve been covering a lot of Festival X lately on Apartment613. The 10-day photography festival wraps up this Sunday, September 30, but if you haven’t had a chance to see any of the exhibitions yet, have no fear! Many of the projects are on-going, including Redeveloping the Core, a series of site-specific installations by Ottawa-based photographer Caleb […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

It’s getting easier to make the case that Ottawa’s a great city chock-full of music, arts and culture. One look at this weekend’s lineup should be enough to convince out-of-towners that this city has got it goin’ on: we’ve got Oktoberfest, an outdoor picnic, an afternoon of beer and board games, a ping pong tournament, […]

Kingston Restaurant Takeover: A Tale of Two Cities

This past Monday, Chef Clark Day of Kingston’s AquaTerra by Clark Restobistro gave us a real night on the Town (pun intended). He was visiting one of Elgin Street’s funkiest  bistros as part of the Kingston Restaurant Takeover, which brought some of Kingston’s finest culinarians to Ottawa to show off their skills. We were lucky […]

Marc Brzustowski - Bay of Islands.

Terra² + The Art of the Paintogram at Cube Gallery for Festival X

Meet Mark Seabrook and Marc André Brzustowski — two Canadian artists featured in Cube Gallery’s latest exhibition, Terra². The show offers a unique juxtaposition of the personal styles of each artist, and provides viewers with an authentic and contemporary approach to Canadian art (click here for a virtual tour). Seabrook is an Ojibwe artist, poet, writer, […]

Video of the Week Take 2: The Souljazz Orchestra’s Conquering Lion

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] Its a good week for music videos! Souljazz Orchestra – Ottawa’s favourite Soul-Jazz-Afro-Latin-Caribbean super group – has released the first real video from its new album Solidarity. The song, Conquering Lion, is sure to please long time fans of the group, with a great beat and lots of sax appeal (pun intended). Local producers Partus […]

Ralph Bakshi: Past, Present and Future

Take One by Yasmin Nissim Ralph Bakshi is a lot of things. He’s an award winning animator, a director, an artist; he’s the man behind Fritz the Cat, one of the most successful independent animated films ever made, along with countless other notorious features that have pushed boundaries and offended the conservative sensibilities of the unimaginative. […]

Shoot Back. Shot back by Alejandro Bustos.

Shoot Back: Visual correspondence at Festival X

Imagine you have a pen pal that you never met, but instead of exchanging letters you only communicate via photographs sent through the mail. What images would you send? How would you respond? What interpretation would you give to the photos that you did receive? These intriguing questions lie at the heart of Shoot Back, a photographic exhibition […]