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Month: September 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week: Day one wrap-up

Photos courtesy Ming Wu. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. We stopped by the Ottawa Convention Centre last night to catch the first evening of Ottawa Fashion Week. Check out our Storify-ed version of the events below (yup, it’s long – we love us some fashion) and catch photos of all of the designers’ fashions over at […]

Happy 75th birthday, CBC Ottawa! Plus: a contest

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner! Thanks to all who played. And the correct answer to “How many points is ‘Lucy van Oldenbarneveld’ worth in a game of Scrabble?” is 36. It’s kind of cliche to draw attention to how old someone is by pointing out all the quaint stuff that was happening when that person […]

Ottawa Centre Election debate is all about you

If there’s one thing our Neighbourhood Wars feature from earlier this year taught us, it’s that our readership has a big investment in Ottawa’s urban core. Issues like transit, intensification, and arts funding all resonate with people who click on this blog, and we’re fairly certain you want to hear what your provincial Ottawa Centre […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

This weekend we’ve got plenty of chances to get some culture, Ottawa – and it’s not just because Culture Days will be all across the city all weekend long. We’ve also got 24 hours of comics, crafts, fashion galore, and beer. Okay, so beer might not fit your idea of ‘culture’, but we can guarantee […]

Peking Opera Soirée

Peking Opera is coming to Ottawa this Thursday night – with a multilingual twist. Ottawa resident and actor/singer/dancer William Lau has put together a stunning array of traditional Peking Opera song and dance numbers, performed for one night only at the NAC Fourth Stage. The evening promises many things, including sword and lantern dances, with […]

The t-shirt contest that time forgot: update!

Hey, all! You might recall that, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we were once having a little t-shirt contest. Well, there’s good news: our team of Harvard-educated mathematicians has nearly finished analyzing the vote totals, and if all goes according to plan, we should be announcing the winners next week! Huzzah! There’s some more […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] So it’s officially fall, and therefore officially harvest time. Which perfectly positions the O-town Hoedown music festival and – even though it’s next weekend, get your tickets! – Oktoberfest out in Vankleek Hill. A little closer to home, you can mark autumn by crushing grapes in Little Italy. However, if you can’t […]

Dear Interweb: What’s the best place for a birthday dinner?

The interweb is a series of magical strings – and tubes! – invented by Al Gore in the 1990s. Through our ‘Dear Interweb’ column, Apt613 will use its awesome powers to poll its readers on questions of import. If you have a query to make to the interwebs, screw Google – ask Apt613 readers by […]

Meghan Myres paints Amelia at the GCTC

Post by Kevin Soobrian While crowds swarmed to see the opening of the GCTC’s newest production, Amelia: The Girl Who Wants to Fly, an equally enthusiastic crowd gathered for the vernissage upstairs in the Lorraine “Fritzi” Yale Gallery. For each production at the GCTC, a companion show is displayed at the Fritzi. The show is […]

House of PainT – Coordinating Conjunctions

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo] House of PainT is probably my favourite grassroots event in Ottawa. Year after year, I’m amazed by the artists that take part and the diversity of people that come out to support it. HoP 2011 took place about a month ago. Michael Napiorkowski shared with us this video that captures marvelously the […]

Weekly News Review: Parliament returns, Mill St. update, Ottawa Yankees and more!

We rarely cover federal politics at Apt613 but I thought our readers might be interested in checking out the CBC’s 12 things to watch in Parliament this fall. The list spans issues from scrapping the gun registry to the NDP’s performance as official opposition. Park(ing) Day took place last week. Did you notice the green […]